The Adventure of Timmy Turtle

My Weekend with Ethan

Timmy meeting Sandy

Ethan received a big hug from both Timmy and Sandy, when he introduced them to each other!

Visit to Godmother Lesley

On Good Friday, Ethan took Timmy to see Lesley and Atta. They played with Jaffa, the cat and even saw the fish in the pond.

Fun on Saturday

On Saturday, Ethan helped Daddy mow the lawn and clean up, under the watchful eye of Timmy. After the hard work, all three of them had a relaxing time in the sunshine. Then in the evening, mummy and daddy's friends came over for a barbecue and Timmy and Ethan assisted with the cooking.

Easter Sunday

Both Timmy and Ethan had loads of chocolate eggs on Easter Sunday. Afterwards, they went to the Hilton hotel in Reading to meet more friends!

Lazy Monday

By Monday, mummy and daddy were very tired and need some time to relax. But Ethan and Timmy still wanted to be kept busy and ended up playing the whole day!

Thank you for the wonderful time with Timmy, I cannot wait to have him over again! :)