My Experiences with Learning

Teaching Styles and Senses

Creating and Teaching a Lesson

One of the most memorable assignments I have had during college is creating and teaching a lesson plan. I created a lesson for math at a first grade level. After creating this lesson I had to teach it. This lesson involved hands on learning that engaged the students to work with manipulative in order to figure out the problem.

Observing a lesson

There was a lesson that I observed in a third grade classroom. The teacher was teaching a math lesson and was very thorough in explaining the content but even with that it seemed like the kids were having trouble comprehending the content. I think if the teacher brought other materials into the lesson other then the white boards it would have helped those students who were struggling. Just by being able to see the problem laid out and visibly watch it being solved will help those students struggling with comprehending the words themselves. (Especially with mat in my opinion!)

Practice Makes Perfect

Linking practice and application to lesson

I believe that the more practice students get with a problem or lesson they are learning the more likely they are to completely comprehend the problem and able to solve it on their own at a later time. Often children are able to understand the problem if they can physically see it laid out for them to solve. Also, like I stated before the more practice students get with the lesson the more likely they are to solve or recall the answer at a different time.