Out of the Dust By:Karen Hesse

By:Zy'Mari Little

What help was given?

  • Billie Jo gave a family her (dead) baby brothers clothes
  • Billie Jo cooked Thanksgiving food for her and her dad
  • Women cooked food Billie Jo and her dad
  • Doc.Rice helped Billie Jo understand what she needed to do with her hands

Reasons that the person who received help needed aid and what might have happened if he/she had not received the help

  • billie jo needed help with her hands or she wouldn't have knon what to do
  • the family needed clothes for their baby or they would't have any
  • billie jo cooked thanksgiving food, if she didn't they wouldn't have ate for thanksgiving
  • if the women didn't cook or bring food for them they wouldn't have eaten

Information about the peopInformation about the people who provided the help, what they gave up, and an dhow they felt aftertheir generous act

  • the women who cooked for them: went to school with her dad
  • Billie Jo cooked food: didn't have no one to cook for her and her dad
  • Billie Jo gave clothes:the family didn't have clothes for the baby
  • Doc.Rice helped Billie Jo:Billie Jo would't have played piano again
Out of the Dust Book Trailer
Out of the Dust Book Trailer