The MoneyBall Effect

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Where did the "Moneyball Effect" come from?

Influenced by Bill James, Billy Beane began using techniques in order to analyze points of baseball that had never been looked at before. After seeing how successful the Oakland A's began while using these methods, the rest of the sports world began to take notice and adopt these teachings for their own teams.
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Who is Bill James?

Bill James is a baseball writer, historian, and statistician who has written dozens of books devoted to baseball history and statistics. He is the first to really scientifically analyze baseball, through the use of statistical data, in an attempt to determine why teams win and lose. Billy Beane adopted these teachings in an attempt to get the right players to help him win even with one of the lowest budgets in the game, hence the term "MoneyBall".
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How big was the effect?

The 2002 MLB draft was when Billy Beane first used this new way of analyzing players. He took players that nobody had on their lists and that nobody had ever even heard of. He drove the scouts for his team crazy because he was basically spitting in their faces by taking these "bad" players. This new approach brought the Oakland A's to the playoffs in 2002 and 2003 making everyone question what was going on.
2002 Oakland Athletics - "The Streak"

Book turned Movie

After Michael Lewis' book was published displaying this "Moneyball effect", the book and story was made into a major motion picture starring Brad Pitt as Billy Beane.
Moneyball Movie

It really brings Billy Beane's story to life