BRHS Instructional Rounds

Growing and Learning Together

You are Invited

BRHS Instructional Rounds

Thursday, Nov. 20th, 8-10:30am

225 Heard Blvd

Alexander City, AL

The Purpose of Instructional Rounds

Instructional rounds are a valuable tool that schools use to improve teachers' instructional practices and to help foster a professional learning community. Participants observe multiple teachers' classrooms for about ten minutes to get a snapshot of different teachers' classroom and instructional strategies. Participants then gather together to discuss what they observed and how it can improve their own instructional practices.


8:00-8:10 Introduction with Dr. Wilkinson

8:10-8:40 BRHS Ambassadors Training

8:40-10:30 Instructional Rounds

10:30 Debriefing

Instructional Rounds Observation Tool

Please bring an iPad or SmartPhone to the meeting. Participants will use their mobile device and this tool to record the observations they make during their instructional rounds. Please submit one form for each individual class that you observe.