Tierra Caliente

By: Yarelis Peralta

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People in the Andes have a lot of different ways to live. Every where we went people had different clothing. In the Teirra Caliente they had really light clothing. In the Teirra Templada they had light clothing. In the Teirra Fria they had somewhat heavy clothing. In the Teirra Helada they had really heavy clothing. When we got up to the Teirra Fria it was really hard to breath with the thin air. We asked Cado how he can breath while farming with out passing out he said "Are lungs are bigger so wen hold more air." People higher up in the Andes can't get crops from the lower parts of the Andes. People use vertical trade to get crops they can't normally get.For example people in the Tierra Fría can't get bananas and rice and people in the Tierra Caliente can't get potatoes and corn. So they use vertical trade to get those crops.
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Farming is really big in the Andes because it's one of the best ways to get food. Farmers in the Andes mountains use terracing to make more land to farm in. They mostly use terracing in the Tierra Fria. They grow lots of different crops in the Andes. They grow Bananas, rice and sugarcane in the Tierra Caliente. They grow corn and beans in the Teirra Templada. They also grow Corn and potatoes in the Teirra Fria.

We interviewed Juan from the Tirra Fria "Terracing is a lot of work to get built but in the end it gives a lot of more space to farm."

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The Andes mountains, the longest mountain chain in the world. Going along the western coast of South America. The Andes mountains has four zones. The Tierra Caliente, the Tierra Templada, the Terria Fria, and the Terria Helada. People in the Andes mountains have adapted the climate and resources.
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In each zone of the Andes mountains people have different kind of houses. In the Teirra Caliente they have wood houses built on stilts to protect from flooding. The houses also have big windows to get in cold wind in the night. In the Teirra Templada they have solid homes with made of concrete brick or plaster with tile roofs. In the Tierra Fria they have thick adobe brick houses to keep in the warmth in the cold nights.

We interviewed Marcy from the Teirrs Fria "Our homes are made of thick adobe bricks which is really useful in the cold nights.'

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