The Prologue Project

Dayla Josey

The Summoner

His face is covered in sores that no ointment can heal and his narrow eyes are covered by fierce, bushy eyebrows. So hideous is his face, in fact, that children are afraid of it. On top of that, the Summoner likes to eat smelly vegetables like onions, garlic, and leeks, so his breath is probably pretty bad. His occupation was to summon people for the pope. The summoner was dishonest.
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The Wife Of Bath

The Wife of Bath had a red face to match her red stockings, and a large gap between her two front teeth . She is somewhat deaf. She was a clothing designer. She was a greedy woman because she married men for their money and she loved sex as well as money.
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The Reeve

The Reeve is a bit, well, sickly. He's so skinny that his legs look like straight sticks or diseased looking. He wears his hear cut close to his ears like a priest's, and wears a cloak that looks like something a friar would wear. He's mounted on an able, dapple-gray horse and wears a cloak of blue, both signs of his financial success. The reeve is a manager of someone's estate or farm. This reeve is also a carpenter.The reeve was a dishonest man.


The Canterbury Tales is not a single tale, but a collection of them and each has its own moral lesson.My thoughts are there is no overall moral lesson for the tales. Each one has something different to say. That's what makes the Canterbury Tales so great.