How the Grinch Stole Christmas

Summary and Theme


The theme of "How the Grinch Stole Christmas" is to always be kind to others. We think this because in the text it says "Then he took some red thread, and he tied a big horn on the top of his (Max, his dog) head." This relates to my theme because it shows that he wasn't nice to his dog. Also in the text it says "Why my sweet little tot, the fake Santy Claus lied, there's a light on this tree that won't light on one side." This relates to my theme because it states that he lied to Cindy-Lou-Who and that is not being kind to others. Finally, in the text it says "On their walls he left nothing but hooks and some wire." This relates to my theme because it tells us that he took everything in the house and didn't leave anything.


First, The Grinch hates Christmas and wants to stop it from coming. He can't stand the Whos' so much that he dressed as Saint Nick and he took all of the presents, trees, and decorations from all of the Whos' houses. He was waiting for the cries of the Whos' but instead he heard them singing. Their Christmas wasn't all about the presents, it is about family and loving. The Grinch realized that and his heart grew three sizes that day. He then joined on with all of the Whos' tradition and he learned to celebrate Christmas the right way.