UIC aKDPhi Fall 2015 Active House

Sending all our love and friendship from Chicago!

Dear sisters,

Please enjoy this quick introduction of our active house! We look forward to meeting yours as well!


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#132 Erica "Venus" Cuasay

Hometown: Mindoro, Philippines

Major: Pre-Nursing

Dream Job: Realistically a Pediatric Nurse, but actually an Imagineer for Disneyland.

Weapons: Laptop, Art Supplies

Favorite Childhood Memory: Anytime I went to any Disney Park! But my favorite was on my 9th birthday when we went to Disneyland in Paris, because it was so beautiful. It was the first Disney place I went to.

Why I Joined aKDPhi: I've never really thought about joining a Greek organization until my friend from high school brought it up; she introduced me to aKDPhi. I wanted to be involved in college and thought this organization would be a perfect opportunity to get out of my comfort zone and participate more. I also liked how it was an Asian-interest organization because it allows me to be with people with similar experiences and cultures but also explore other Asian cultures.
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#136 Jasmine "Rio" Saquilayan

Hometown: Chicago, IL

Major: Pre-Nursing

Dream Job: Nurse/Nurse Practitioner

Weapons: iPhone with WiFi, Snapchat

Favorite Childhood Memory: Being able to go to the Philippines during the summer and seeing my family often, spending time with them, and visiting the malls/amusement parks there.

Why I Joined aKDPhi: I never thought I would join a sorority, let alone an Asian-interest one, because growing up, I didn't have very many Asian friends at all. I also wasn't friends with many girls and was against the idea of spending time with a lot of them. But as a freshman in college, I wanted to explore my interests. aKDPhi caught my eye because it seemed like an organization with classy, ambitious women who wanted to make a difference.
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#129 Julia "canDID" Tibar

Hometown: Huntley, IL

Major: Psychology

Dream Job: Occupational Therapist

Weapons: iPhone, Credit Card

Favorite Childhood Memory: Going on summer and Christmas vacations with my family. We would always take long road trips from Colorado to Illinois, or from Texas to Illinois. (I used to live in Colorado and Texas).

Why I Joined aKDPhi: My freshman year, I became close friends with two girls who were part of aKDPhi. I was not part of the sorority yet, but I maintained a very close friendship with these two girls and I was grateful for the friendship that I had. They would always tell me good things about aKDPhi, how they loved the sisterhood that they had among all the sisters, and how they had gained great leadership skills and organizational skills from joining the sorority. I was encouraged to know more about it and I felt that I wanted to be part of it. I felt that it was missing from my college experience.

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#139 Nhi "BAMbee" Nguyen

Hometown: Chicago, IL

Major: Health Information Management

Dream Job: Owning my own mall and hospital.

Weapons: Cellphone with GPS, Car

Favorite Childhood Memory: Every July 4th and summer as a kid, my uncles would always throw or host the best BBQ and firework shows. The entire family, as well as family friends, would gather, BBQ, karaoke, and swim in our backyard. My uncle and his friends would always buy boxes of fireworks and even hold our hands to play the fireworks. It was just a happy memory of the whole family being together on holidays.

Why I Joined aKDPhi: It took me awhile to come to the decision of joining aKDPhi. When I did my research and decided to join, it was the best decision. I wanted to be able to challenge myself while also learning new things, interacting and socializing with others, and to professionally grow as a person. Although I am already close to my biological family, I was only surrounded by uncles, brothers, and male cousins. Joining aKDPhi was about sisterhood and I wanted to experience what it was like to have a close knit family full of strong women.

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126. Bona "PeriwinkLe" Shin

Hometown: Kwang Ju, South Korea

Major: Biochemistry

Dream Job: Surgeon

Weapons: Unicorn, iPhone with unlimited high speed data

Favorite Childhood Memory: My favorite childhood memory definitely has to be eating a family breakfast together every Sunday morning before mass. Since my parents both worked during the weekdays and got home late from work, it was difficult to sit down and have a proper meal. It was nice to be able to get the family together and have good conversation and eat great food.

Why I Joined aKDPhi: I actually found out about aKDPhi at the end of my Junior year of highschool. A family friend, whom I grew up with, told me about it. I was super interested. I came from a mostly Caucasian community and, basically, an all Caucasian high school. But as Senior year of high school began, I started to have doubts. The usual stereotypes of sorority girls only partying came to mind. By the time I got to college, I wasn't sure what I wanted to do. Then the family friend got me to come out to rush. I realized aKDPhi wasn't that. I saw these wonderful, confident girls, and I wanted to be like them. I was always quiet, never spoke much, and was an introvert. I realized aKDPhi could teach me so much and give me the sisterhood that I had never had or felt.

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#135 Christine "s.a.phire" Lee

Hometown: Chicago, IL

Major: Bioengineering

Dream Job: "Dog Enthusiast"

Weapons: iPhone 6, any lip product

Favorite Childhood Memory: My favorite childhood memory is the day we brought my first dog, Angel, home. I remember clearly the night my dad brought her in through the back door, and she timidly sat in the middle of the living room. Extremely thrilled, my brother and I (9 and 5 years old at the time) excitedly grabbed all the pillows off the couch and proceeded to build a barricade of pillows around our new family member. We plopped down each pillow around her in an "O" shape and surrounded her. I'm not exactly sure what we tried to achieve by doing this, but I remember this being the happiest moment of my life because that was the day I gained a new best friend.

Why I Joined aKDPhi: I joined alpha Kappa Delta Phi because although I have an amazing older brother, I had always dreamed of having an older sister figure in my life. I figured joining a sorority would become the closest thing to achieving this goal of having a biological sister, so I did it. Also, because I was highly active in the Asian American community back in my high school, I wanted to be able to continue surrounding myself with people from similar backgrounds throughout my college career. aKDPhi stood out to me because although it is an Asian interest sorority, it is not Asian exclusive. Therefore, not only could I learn about other Asian cultures, but I would also be exposed to an even more diverse community.

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101. Jenny “ME!so” An

Hometown: Monee, IL

Major: Sociology, Minor in Criminology

Dream Job: Travel the world with all expenses paid in full!

Weapons: Phone, Credit Card

Favorite Childhood Memory: When I was a kid and my dad pretended to be Santa Claus every Christmas.

Why I Joined aKDPhi: Growing up, I never had any sisters to look up to besides my older brother. I wanted to experience sisterhood along with the different aspects that the sorority upholds, such as service events or leadership conferences. Most of all, I wanted to create long life friendships after college life.

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137. Rina "K.O.na" Yamazaki

Hometown: Schaumburg, IL

Major: Criminology, Law and Justice

Dream Job: To be a superhero and save the world

Weapons: Swords (and my phone)

Favorite Childhood Memory: My dad is a truck driver and one time he brought back a huge moving box back home filled with my favorite thing ever. Beanie Babies.

Why I Joined aKDPhi: I joined aKDPhi because I have 2 brothers, and i always wanted to have a sister. In the beginning, I didn't want to join a Greek organization because of how social media portrays it. But, after going out to rush and meeting the sisters; I found my home. I finally had all the sisters that I dreamed about having as a kid. Sisters that look out for me, support me, accept me, and helped me evolve into a better version of myself. I found a sorority that placed an emphasis on academics, has a philanthropy that hits close to home, helped me get in touch with my Asian roots, and helped me become a leader. I love my sisters and I'm so incredibly thankful that they introduced me to the best sorority ever.

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103. Sandra “pXillS” Li

Hometown: Chicago, IL

Major: Criminal, Law, and Justice

Dream Job: Getting paid to travel and eat

Weapons: iPhone 6 with unlimited LTE, Google Maps

Favorite Childhood Memory: When my parents gave me the "okay!" for me to walk home by myself in elementary school and giving me my very own set of keys!

Why I Joined aKDPhi: Growing up, I never had that sisterhood connection between my biological sister and I until I attended UIC. What caught my attention the most was their sisterhood. When I saw how close they were to one another, I wanted to know what that feeling was like, that special bond and now that I know, it is one of the best feelings ever. I could not be more proud or happier with the people I have met. I finally found a place away from home. Even though I commute, aKDPhi is one thing that I look forward to when I go to school.

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#115 Sandy "aMOuR" Le

Hometown: Roscoe, IL

Major: Psychology, Healthcare Administration

Dream Job: Wedding Planner

Weapons: iPhone with unlimited everything! Plus, a great purse.

Favorite Childhood Memory: The best thing I remember about my childhood was sitting down with my grandma and learning how to cook all our family recipes. It makes me happy that I will always have a piece of her to remember, even when I'm a grandma myself.

Why I Joined aKDPhi: When I was a freshman, I honestly believed every single stereotype about sororities that the media fed me. I therefore had no intention of ever joining Greek life. My roommate (who is now my line sister) asked me to come to rush to keep her company, so I went. During that informational, I learned that a sorority is much, much more than I ever thought it was. The girls I met were classy and strong; exactly what I aspired to be. I am so grateful to my line sister for dragging me out to rush in the first place. Otherwise, I would've never found my lifelong friends: my sisters.

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#116 Sarah "BU-Dee" Le

Hometown: Mundelein, IL

Major: Psychology

Dream Job: Physical Therapist

Weapons: Laptop

Favorite Childhood Memory: When I was younger, I had two hamsters and they mated so I ended up having 42 hamsters. One day, they all escaped!

Why I Joined aKDPhi: I came to college not knowing what Greek life was and I told myself I wouldn't be that "type" of girl. I was approached by two sisters and eventually was convinced to come out to rush. Surprisingly, I had a wonderful time and I found myself learning so many great things about aKDPhi. I joined without thinking much, but now after being a sister for almost three years, I've realized all the great things that aKDPhi has given me. I am blessed to have a great group of women supporting me and pushing me to be the best that I can be.

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120. Tuya "EZ Bake" Byambadorj

Hometown: Ulaanbaatar, Mongolia

Major: Urban Education

Dream Job: Food Critic

Weapons: iPhone, Food

Favorite Childhood Memory: Going to summer camp and being able to play sports.

Why I Joined aKDPhi: Being a only child, I’ve always wanted a sister so I knew I wanted to join a sorority. I chose aKDPhi because I wanted to apart of something bigger and get to experience sisterhood. I saw how welcoming the sisters were and how involved they were in the community and wanted to be apart of this wonderful organization.

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111. Amanda “t.i.GAH” Tsang

Hometown: Chicago, IL

Major: Biological Sciences

Dream Job: Explorer

Weapons: My mom

Favorite Childhood Memory: I was a tomboy growing up so it makes me laugh every time I think of my childhood. I was always a ninja or superhero for Halloween, I wouldn't be scared to grab the dodgeball during gym, I played a lot of nintendo games, and I was the only girl in my kung fu class so I liked beating boys up. I was a nice girl though, just competitive.

Why I Joined aKDPhi: I always want life-long relationships with people so I joined aKDPhi because I wanted to get to meet and get to know amazing people that I may have not have met if it wasn't for aKDPhi. I was very shy growing up so being in aKDPhi helped me reach out more to people, open up and really learn more about myself as a person. Many of my favorite college memories are because of aKDPhi and I know that there are many more memories to come even after I graduate and I believe this aspect of an everlasting sisterhood was the best reason for me to join.

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127. Yaya "iLLUSThetiK" Torres

Hometown: Bloomingdale, IL

Major: Business Management

Dream Job: CEO

Weapons: iPod/Music

Favorite Childhood Memory: Playing capture the flag and ghost in the graveyard with all the kids in my neighborhood.

Why I Joined aKDPhi: I had wanted to join a sorority coming into college but then changed my mind and didn't even go to rush my freshman year. The following semester, I met one of the sisters and she felt that I would fit right in with aKDPhi. I was very hesitant but I always enjoyed the Asian culture so I decided to come out to rush my sophomore year. There I met the girl who would be my big sis and we clicked right away. Although I have an older sister, we have never been close so having someone look after me like my big did for me really showed me the sisterhood I never had.

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#140 Christine "koDAK" Park

Hometown: Buffalo Grove, IL

Major: Psychology

Dream Job: A-List actress

Weapons: Smartphone

Favorite Childhood Memory: When I got my first dog, Soondol. He's a Shih Tzu!

Why I Joined aKDPhi: I joined aKDPhi because of the sisterhood aspect as well as the professionalism. I admired how every sister looked put together yet at the same time very approachable. I also admired how large and vast the organization is.

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#130 Greece "Corazón" Armenta

Hometown: Chicago, IL

Major: Accounting

Dream Job: To work at Delloite!

Weapons: Netflix, texting, snapchatting, family, friends

Favorite Childhood Memory: I don't really have a favorite memory. My childhood was all around good when I lived in Pilsen. My family struggled financially, but we were all extremely close to each other. Every day was a good time with my family.

Why I Joined aKDPhi: I joined aKDPhi to learn about a different culture. I am Hispanic, and I have been around my own people throughout my entire life. I always knew I wanted to learn about a different culture and expand my horizons once I got to college. aKDPhi has allowed me to do so.