The Story~Star Connection

A Final Farewell: June 2013


What a treat it was to end the school year with a sophisticated, meaningful, and thought-provoking chapter book, The Miraculous Journey of Edward Tulane. Edward, a china rabbit, has endured quite the journey from a fancy house on Egypt street to the bottom of the ocean to a little green house by the sea. Throughout Edward's journey, we are introduced to the most unique characters and each one teaches Edward to love more and more. Ask your young reader about Edward's journey - the characters he met, the places he lived, the names he had, and the lessons he learned along the way.

My summer wish for all of my story~stars is that they will continue to "live their lives" as readers, moving from one chapter book to another throughout the summer months.


The Story~Stars are published authors! Each child planned and wrote and published their own "mindset matters" story. My young writers developed an animal character, described the unique setting, and wrote about the animal's use of perseverance and a "growth mindset" to accomplish its goal. I hope you enjoyed reading your child's "mindset matters" story as much as I did. We shared our published stories with the Whiton Winners and with our first grade buddies too. I hope your child's book will be a cherished treasure for many years to come.

Oh-la-la~ We also learned our final few cursive letters: The uppercase I, J, T, F, G, and the S!

Please encourage your child to practice or "showoff" their new cursive skills throughout the summer. The Story~Stars are quite proud of their cursive style!

Math and Motion

We wrapped up the school year with lessons on coordinate graphing skills, problem solving activities, and multiplication of large numbers. Be sure to see the "Story~Star" To Go Bags for plenty of suggestions for maintaining fact power throughout the summer.

Our Motion Unit integrated both math and science. Throughout the unit, we brainstormed ways to describe motion - its speed, path, and momentum. The children were able to use light sensors, the school laptops, and a "loggerlite" computer program to create and graph a variety of motion paths. What an amazing scientific and mathematical experience for our budding engineers!

A Final Farewell

Dear friends,

Thank you - Two little words that mean so very much!

Thank you for sharing your children with me. They came to school each day with wonderful manners, happy hello's, and lots of stories about the lovely lives they are leading.

They have looked out for one another, supported one another, and applauded one another. It's an amazing experience to witness a classroom community of children who respect and care for one another on a deep level, who learn and grow by leaps and bounds, and who love to read, write, and embrace challenges.

Although your child spent just one academic year with me as their third grade teacher, each story~star will remain in my heart forever. Years will pass by, but I will remember the books they read, the stories they wrote, the wax topic they chose and the smiles they shared. It brings me great joy to know that I will be able to watch them grow up throughout their future years at Buckingham and beyond.

Please keep in touch, friends.

Thank you!

Most fondly,

Mrs. LeeAnn Story

Thank You! Thank You! Thank You!

Just look at these lovely gifts! I absolutely adore the Seuss-Style Wordle display of my 2012-2013 Story Star Class. I will strive to find a just right location to show it off! Thank you, also, for the gift certificate to my favorite store. I will look forward to treating myself to something special for the summer. You have been more than generous to me and I'm just doing a job that I love to do!

I'd like to express a sincere and heartfelt thank you to Cindy Myers for being a dedicated, enthusiastic, and very supportive Homeroom Coordinator for the Story Stars this year. If you see Cindy this summer, please be sure to thank her for taking such great care of our class. She planned the best parties, planted in our garden, provided the yummiest treats, organized special events, and spoiled us with her love and dedication! Thank you, Mrs. Myers!