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Build the lifestyle you deserve – work from home and around the hours that suit you, as an independent Klife distributor.

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Many people have joined and are growing their residual income .

Join Klife and work from home, building your own business. Lots of people join so they can work from home with hours that suit you. Klife gives you flexibility you won’t find in a 9-5 job. That flexibility means you can structure your day around what you find most important.

It’s not just the flexibility though. Klife lets you build up your own business and grow a residual income. With Klife the amount you earn is only limited by the commitment and desire you show to growing your business.

About Me

I'm an Klife independent Distributor, I purely work online via Facebook and eBay and generating an income.. And loving it.

My knowledge and skills I have is now shared and used within my successful team.. And you can have this too.

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Start creating your Dream Lifestyle

Who are Klife ?

Klife is the online catalogue company that launched in 2015 and is owned by Kleeneze.

The history of Kleeneze dates back over 90 years and we are proud to be a true British business. Kleeneze is now one of the leading network marketing companies in Europe.

Kleeneze’s heritage goes back to 1923. Harry Crook started the business in a broom cupboard in Bristol. It was there he made his brushes.

We were soon world famous for our quality brushes. It was only a matter of time before we introduced a range of high quality polishes too. It was from these beginnings we grew, and so did the history of Kleeneze.

Direct Selling is a £2 billion industry and growing steadily. During 2012 the UK direct selling market grew by 7.2%.

We believe that this model of shopping from home is the future of retail, offering modern consumers a comprehensive range of hand-delivered products. Distributors provide an unbeatable level of customer service.

Home selling is an exciting and dynamic industry. It is the UK’s most significant provider of part-time, independent earning opportunities.

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