Parenting Virtual Students

Edition 3

Visual Schedules

Since Virtual Learning can involve a number of transitions from one activity to the next, many of the families have found these changes challenging. Making a visual schedule can help many students get into a routine. A "visual schedule" combines the activity with a picture or photograph which allows your child to see what is coming next at a glance. Here is how they work:

  • Take a picture of the learning environment (Have a dedicated "Learning Space" place preferably not the student's bedroom)

  • Change the pictures for each activity. (Such as a picture of your child looking at a book for reading time and another picture of them participating during a movement activity.

  • Add a photo of your children during "break time" activities during scheduled breaks

  • Place the photos or images in order and include a short description of what your child should do

  • Use a timer or clock to help cue your student on when an activity stops and the next one begins

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Create Visuals Supports for your Child

Computer templates for "Visual Schedules" and other visual learning

More about Visual Schedules

Explains the value of Visual Schedules and additional resources

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Netiquette - Etiquette for students using Zoom (Tazdaz Teaching)

More Student Resources for TEAMS and CANVAS

Microsoft Teams Quick Start guide for students

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Brain Breaks and Fine Motor Activities

In the previous newsletter, we discussed the use of "Brain Breaks" which are activities that are intended to "give your child's brain a break from academics" to help refocus. There are some fun activities that you can do wth your child to both take a "Brain Break" and practice "Fine Motor Skills".

Fine Motor skills include things like holding a pencil correctly, buttoning clothing (such as shirts or pants), or tying shoes.

Since all children develop at different rates, finding fun ways to practice these skills are important. Click below for some suggestions on activities that are fun and the great news is they can also be used as "Brain Breaks" as well.

6 Fine Motor Activities for Kids

Elementary and Middle School Students

Remember the Importance of Self Care!

Apps and websites offering free yoga, mindfulness and workout classes. (Some may be appropriate to participate with your child.)

At-home workouts

  • Planet Fitness is offering live online classes for members as well as non-members

  • Yoga International is offering a 30-day free membership with access to articles and instruction regarding mindfulness activities, meditation, and all levels/styles of yoga.

  • 2000 Mindfulness exercises offered on Mindfulness giving users free resources on learning about and practicing mindfulness skills

Supporting Student Engagement

Big picture

Virtual Transition Fair: College Application Supports

Tuesday, Oct. 13th, 6:30-8pm

This is an online event.

During this event, college professionals will describe college admissions, disability disclosure, disability services and accommodations, and the financial aid application process across different types of postsecondary education options in Tennessee. This virtual transition fair is suggested for students and young people with disabilities, their families, and professionals working with the disability community.