Dog's Intelligenece

by Tiffany Nguyen

Rankings of breeds.

1. Border Collie- The Border Collie is the smartest dogs out there. It's great for a companion and a mans best friend. Sweet and fun, you'll surly love them.

2.Poodle- Fancy and wise!!! They're not only known for their style, and runaways, they're here to win your medals!

3.German Shepherd- Cute as a baby, but as it grow, it'll surly get big and obedient!

4.Golden Retriever- THE SWEETEST DOG EVER! Not just a soft mouth, but dying to have fun. Loves family and people!

Of course there's a lot more dogs but these are the ones that stands out! You don't need these dog to have a smart dog! Depending how you train them and their personality, you might just have that one of the intelligent dog you wanted. Different minds work for dogs, like ours, but these dogs(those ranking above) just learn quicker than others.

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Can they do your jobs?

YES! Many dogs can do your job. Most of them are just meant for it. Some of the dogs are:

German Shepherd- they're not just a movie star! They're the nation hero that save's your life! They most often work with cops,dangerous mission, and such.

Australian Cattle dog- they not only obedient, energetic, and intelligent, they are herding dogs! Great for the farm and a great passionate friend!

Border Collie- just like the Australian Cattle dog, they are sheep herders! Obedient , hard worker, and very smart, they'll do you just fine!

Rottweiler- just the dog for any job,really! Police dog, herders, service dog, therapy, anything you name!

How they do they learn?

Some dogs learn a lot faster than others, it's mostly easier to train your dog as a young age. As your dog grow older,they would get lazier if you don't train them when they are a puppy.

It'll be great to have some treats with you. Seeing food as a dog means the world! They'll do anything for what they love.Of course it doesn't have to be food, but get what they want and adore.

Depending on the dogs, some are lazy and some are just so energetic to learn anything! Make sure you have the right dog!

Where do they come from?

Many dogs come from wolves, coyote, and foxes. Other Come from what is made after wolves, coyote, and foxed. Other breeds makes one another breed.

Are they lovely to have?

Yes! No! Maybe?! Honestly, it depends how you treat them. Oh, dont forget to feed them ACTUAL DOG FOOD! Yes, it's all about how you feed them! Many are lovely and some are not, try to get a puppy to treat them with a lot of care and they'll treat you with a lot of love!
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