Welcome to Pioneer's Open house!

Darren Hsu 6th Grade Earth Science

Earthquack PBL

The Earthquake PBL project was about learning how earhtquacks worked and how we can be prepared when one happens. We also learned what things help houses withstand seismic activity. Our driving question, "How can we, as structural engineers, construct a two story house for Tony Stark that will withstand seismic activity." stated that we would have to make a house to house Tony Stark and that it would have to be able to withstand earthquakes. Our team's blueprints had wood beams angled inword to support the second floor on top. The wide base and the less-heavy seconds story helped with stability. We added cement to the base and in joints to provide stability and structure. The main points I learned from this project are that earthquakes are powerful, and that we humans have designed particular ways to handle them. Earthquakes are mysterious, mighty foes, who's strikes are mostly unpredictable and powerful. I learned how to find out where to be prepared at and why we should be prepared for the earthquakes there. We have learned ways to protect ourselves, like hiding under something sturdier than ourselves and protecting our head. We also made improvements to our houses to make them more sturdy, like tension ties and springs on the foundation for suspension. I learned what these things were and why they were importaint.

30 Hands Project

I learned many things from the thirty hands project. I learned what we were doing to the world, what chemicals we put in the atmosphere, greenhouse gas emmissions. We emit carbon dioxide into the atmosphere which produces the greenhouse effect. I enjoyed the naration ability. When you have the pictures, i liked the fact that you could record your naration.

Invention Convention

The enviromental problem "Magma Power" will solve is power supplys. If you live on a bamk of a volcano, simply install magma power and get free electricity until natural wear and tear wear in down. Magma power is a set of turbine, water tabk, generator, and power lines that turn the power of magma into usable electricity.