Transition Plus Sep 10

Turn your face to the sun and the shadows fall behind you

A friendly reminder: If you have information that needs to go out to the whole staff, and it can wait until Monday, submit it to be included in the MMM. We are trying to cut down on all staff emails.

Sign out your students

If you are leaving the building with students please leave a list of names with the front desk. This way we know who is in the building.

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First Annual Educator's Appreciation Night

Here is the link to purchase for the specific game!

With every ticket purchased you will receive a special edition t-shirt, on-ice photo opportunity, and a donation of $5 will be going back to Education Minnesota Foundation! You are also entered into the raffle for over 15 prizes!

Please feel free to share with your network!

Walkie Info

Our contact for the walkie talkies said they need to be in the chargers and turned off each night. Doing so, will ensure they are fully charged for you to use in the morning.

If you don't do this, your walkie may die during they day.

New building update

As we are moving to the new building, I know there are questions about the details.

On September 18th our PD meeting will be talking about the move and what that will look like. Chad Carr will be joining us to be able to help with details about packing and the move.

Anyone who is interested in being able to see the physical space of the new building will be able to participate in tours the week of September 24th. Tours will begin promptly at 8:15 on the assigned day. You will need to be at the lobby prior to the start. We will not be waiting for people who are late. Please plan accordingly and possibly consider carpooling as parking will continue to be tight as the construction personnel will be finishing up.

This will take place of team meetings.

September 25------ Team 2 Tour ---------- 8:15 am

September 26------ Team 3 Tour ---------- 8:15 am

September 27------ Team 1 Tour ---------- 8:15 am

We desperately need plastic bags for students for changing.

Please bring them to the nurses office if you are able. Thanks!

Students names should be emailed to Daphne in order to get a ToGo card.

If students are leaving early, please notify the front desk @45009 or by walkie.

Let's get social!

Our Facebook page is up and running! This process has been a little more challenging than anticipated. Our other platforms should be live over the next couple of days. Please be sure to friend and/or follow us!

The start and end time on AESOP is currently defaulted to 8:00-4:00. Traci has requested that the time be defaulted to 8:30-4:30. Until that happens, please make sure the times are accurate when entering requests on AESOP.

Instructional Leadership Team:

IlT met for the first time last Friday. The agenda can be found here. The ILT team is currently working on refining the SIP for this school year, as well as planning for Professional Development to support our plan. We also discussed our current course offerings and plan for development of new courses for next year. There will be a subcommittee to work on this process. Please contact an ILT team member if you have any ideas, questions, or concerns. The next ILT meeting will be on Friday 9/21/18.

  • ILT Lead: Greg Kalberer
  • Admin: Jason Backes
  • PSWE Lead: Daphne Breauxsaus
  • Equity Lead: Jewell Reichenberger
  • PD Chair: Laura Springel
  • Family Engagement: Colleen Knuth
  • Rachel Prince
  • Jeanne Forbes
  • Trish Praus
  • Brett Haugen
  • Janet Hagen
  • Tia Jamison

SEA meetings

Given Friday Bingo and Community Based Instruction happening on Fridays we will be moving the SEA meetings to Wednesdays during first period.

There will be a list coming of the SEA meeting dates and times, coming in next week's MMM. If you have any items you'd like to review please see Daphne or I.

We will have our first SEA meeting this Wednesday for new SEAs only at 10:05 in C205

This Week at TPlus

Monday ------

Tuesday ------ Team 2 Data Mtg------Patricia's room -----8:30

Wednesday-- Team 3 Data Mtg------Brad's room----------8:30

--------------------- New SEA meeting---------------------------------10:05

Thursday----- Team 1 Data Mtg-------Brett's Room--------8:30

Friday---------- PSWE Mtg------------------C205--------------------8:30