How to describe a room

ASL Classifiers

What is a Classifier?

A Classifier can represent an object itself, demonstrates how the object moves, describe an object, and shows the location of an object and orientation(where its facing). There are many classifiers for objcts and things such as a chair. A bent V can represent a chair. Like a chair its bent. ALso if there is a table with a plant you sign table then plant then use the sign a , but up and place on the table(your arm).
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ASL Classifiers (CLs) for Furniture & Objects

Describing a room

When describing a room 1st you must talk about which room your entering. Like a living room. After you enter you want to sign what you see, like a couch or a rug. Next you go left to right. If their are 2 of the same object like a window you should sign both were they are in the room. Describing a room you need classifiers or the person your showing it to won't understand. Like if your signing random stuff in the room they might not understand. Also you must describe what everything is on. Like a lamp on a table. You must sign table then lamp then use a to put the lamp on.
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Describing Your House - ASL Video Assignment

Describing a room(Easier to understand)

1. Room What?

2. In front of you what?

3 left to right