The 13 Colonies

13 Colony Timeline

August 18, 1590John White returns to Roanoke and finds deserted land.

1607Virginia becomes the first colony.

1620Massachusetts is founded.

1623New Hampshire is founded.

1624Lord Baltimore founds the colony of Maryland.

1636Puritans establish the colony of Connecticut.

1636Rhode Island is founded by Roger Williams.

1638Delaware is founded by Peter Minuit and the New Sweden Company.

1653A group of Virginians establishes Carolina.

1664Lord Berkeley and Sir George Carteret found New Jersey.

1664The Duke of York establishes New York.

1682Pennsylvania is established by William Penn.

1732James Oglethorpe establishes the colony of Georgia.

July 4, 1776The colonies declare their independence from England.

June 14, 1777The 13 colonies are represented in the first American flag.