America 1880-1920

We made some cool stuff, but overall we treated everyone bad

Child Labor Laws were inadequate.

During the 1880s through the 1920s a great many of our nations citizens lived in poverty. Children would often be forced to work in order to help keep their family fed. These children were often not protected by the law, as such businesses would force them to work long hours for minimal pay in hazardous conditions. Child labor regulations by the federal government were not achieved until 1938 in the fair labor standards act. My evidence is this picture, from the, of Children without gloves or shoes producing yarn with machines that could easily take off a finger or two. I am ashamed of the governments delayed reaction to industrialization's abuse of these children.

Food safety laws were Inadequate.

Before the pure food and drug act in 1906 and the food and drug administration in 1927 food production were almost completely unregulated. Sanitation was non existent. Drugs and chemicals used to preserve food were largely untested for side effects. Batches of products containing contaminates, such as rats and human body parts, were still shipped out and fed to people. My example is a quote from the center for Disease control and prevention "In the early 1900s, food poisoning was at its height. Contaminated foods were causing typhoid fever, tuberculosis, botulism and scarlet fever. In 1900, the incidence of typhoid fever was approximately 100 per 100,000 population." Because of the Federal governments lack of action or control of industrial food production and safety I am ashamed.

Clayton Antitrust Act 1914

"Life expectancy for whites was 48 years and nonwhites was only 34. The work force included 1.75 million children under 15 and more than five million women, who sometimes worked for as low as 10 cents for a 10-hour day. Those conditions, the dehumanization of the American laborer in large, and impersonal factories, led to numerous revolts and uprisings.(U-S History)" The turning point was for workers was the Clayton Antitrust Act (1914) which declared unions lawful and strikes legal. This legislation allowed for workers to have at least the opportunity to have a say in their working conditions. Even though many of the changes to American business did not come until after the 1930s I can say I am proud of us for taking the first steps to protection for workers rights. My example is this poster for the Industrial workers of the world who are free to be a union and promote them self's because of the Clayton Antitrust Act.
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Racism towards Irish

My example is this anti anti Irish poster. During the 1880s through the 1920s a lot of people hated the Irish. People wouldn't hire them, feed them, house them. People robbed them and beat them up. It was a bad case of lets beat up the minority and another reason I am ashamed of America.

Angle Island

like many immigrants the Chinese came to america looking for a new life. instead they were met with racism paperwork at angle island where "From 1910-1940, Chinese immigrants were detained and interrogated at Angel Island immigration station in San Francisco Bay. U.S. officials hoped to deport as many as possible by asking obscure questions about Chinese villages and family histories that immigrants would have trouble answering correctly." angle I am ashamed of the Federal government for using the law to meet the demands of racism and ignore the rights of these immigrants.

The land of opportunity.

During the time period between 1880 and 1920 many immigrants came to the united states. The united states had been founded by English immigrants but these new immigrants came from all over the world, china, japan, Ireland, Poland, everywhere. Despite any racism and discrimination these people found a place where they could prosper. I am incredibly proud of America for not just being a country of Americans but a land for everyone. my example is a quote from the Gilder Lehrman Institute. "By 1900, New York City had as many Irish residents as Dublin. It had more Italians than any city outside Rome and more Poles than any city except Warsaw. It had more Jews than any other city in the world, as well as sizeable numbers of Slavs, Lithuanians, Chinese, and Scandinavians."

The end of lasses fair.

Up until the late 1800s the US government tried to avoid regulating business. Naturally Businesses took advantage and abused their consumers and workers. However the progressive movement started to change that. The government now saw it as its duty to stick up for the little man when the man starts to pick on him. My example of this is the pure food and drug act in 1906 in which the Government regulated what companies could put into their consumable products to protect the people from danger. I am proud of America for defending the people.

National parks.

For a long time trees seemed endless however the Government begin to realize that we were running out of forest. Progressivism pushed for the creation of National parks to help keep some natural spaces around for many years to come. My example of this is Big Ben the national park in Texas. I am proud of the US for sticking up for the environment and its future generations.


Shortly after the civil war our nation began to see a drop in voting. Theodore Roosevelt and many other politicians like him started to encourage voting and citizen participation in the government. My example of this is Theodore Roosevelt's speech citizenship in a republic which highlights the duties or the American citizen and encourages people to commit to them. While his speech wasn't very effective I am proud of our Government for trying.

Spanish American war

Spain was taking advantage of several of its colonies, like Cuba. These colonies wanted independence and tried to fight back but weren't doing so well. So the us seeing possible new democracy in trouble intervened and help these colonies gain independence from Spain. I am proud of America for sticking up for Democracy. my example is the Declaration of war on Spain 1898.

Breaking Promises

After Defeating Spain in the Spanish American war we promised to help the Philippines reach Independence after teaching them how to govern them self's. but we never really left and broke our promise. I am ashamed of America for not keeping its promise to help out another nation. My example is that the Philippines didn't get their independence until 1935.
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The panama Canal

America wanted to move between oceans faster so we helped panama gain Independence and in return we got to build a giant canal from one ocean to the other. faster trade for us yay. I am proud of America for Building a giant canal using other peoples land. my example is this picture of the panama canal.

Becoming involved with world war I

We tried for awhile to stay out of the war. However after Several key events we sent troops and helped the allies defeat the central powers. I am proud of America for helping to put an end to unnecessary violence. My example is the US deceleration of war on Germany.
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Yellow Journalism

Starting with the Spanish american war the us media started to tell over exaggerated stories and and lies. This form of journalism is called yellow journalism and it continued onto world war !. We made the Germans like savages which they really weren't. My example is this poster of a German ape stealing a women. i am ashamed of America for resorting to mud slinging.

Not Sticking up for Germany at the treaty of Versailles.

So after the central powers lost world war one we had a meeting at the treaty of Versailles and forced them to give up a ton of land and money and demeaned them. Rather then Sticking up for Germany we just let Europe take all their money. as a direct result we had world war 2. I am ashamed of America for not sticking up for Germany. My example is the repremendent fees that the allies made the central powers pay that president Wilson should have said no to putting on the treaty.