The SUES is lots of fun!

Spring Chorus concert

Hello my name is Helena and I am going to tell you about the SUES spring Chorus concert. I was in the concert and I had lots of fun! We sang songs like, We go together, Swing , Rubber Ducky , I won't grow up , and, Play Ball!It was so much fun. I even got my own solo!It was so much fun i think i will do it again next year.

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First Day Of School

On the first day of school, I was really nervous. was it true they had ugly, rotten teachers , a scary principal , the worst food ever , and mean bus drivers. Well , that's what I thought at first. But I was wrong. Thank goodness! Actually my teachers were very nice. The principal went easy on us. The food they served tasted okay. My bus driver really cared about me and was not that strict.
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Field Day

Field Day is so much fun! We put on our field day shirts and grab our water bottles and go outside. We play games like knock out, volleyball, etc. We get wet and eat for free! Our teachers even get wet! That was the best field day in the world.
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