Louis Zamperini

by aidan schwarzwalder

Louis Zamperini accomplishments

  • In 1934, Zamperini set the national high school mile record
  • Louis was in the Olympics as a teenager
  • In 1938, Zamperini was back setting records at the collegiate level, this time breaking the mile record of 4:08.3, a new mark that held for 15 years.
  • Louis survived 47 days out in the ocean
  • Louis got thew the POW camps

Louis conflict

One plane went down in the ocean and his crew had to go find them in the ocean.So his crew went out and was searching for them.Then the engines on the side of the plane blew out and the plane went down in the ocean.Louis and two other crew members we're still alive and they we're on two raft that we're connected together.One of the crew member died while they we're in the ocean.Louis and the other crew member we're in the ocean for 47 days until a Japanese ship got hem and took them to a POW camp.''The Bird'' was a director of the camp and recognize Louis because they we're rivals in the Olympics.The Bird put Louis through harder obstacles than the other prisoners.Louis over came the obstacles and the war ended and he got to go home.
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Louis childhood

Louis Zamperini was born in January 1917, in Olean, New York. Raised in California, Zamperini joined the track team in high school. Excelling at long-distance events, Zamperini competed in the 1936 Berlin Olympics and was set to compete again in the 1940 games in Tokyo, which were canceled when World War II broke out. A bombardier in the Army Air Corps, Zamperini was in a plane that went down, and when he arrived on shore in Japan 47 days later, he was taken as a prisoner of war and tortured for two years. After his release, Zamperini became an inspirational figure, and his life served as the basis for the 2014 biography Unbroken: A World War II Story of Survival, Resilience, and Redemption.

Louis birthdate

Louis Silvie Zamperini was born to Italian immigrant parents on January 26, 1917, in the town of Olean, New York. Growing up in Torrance, California, Zamperini ran track at Torrance High School and discovered that he had a competitive streak a mile wide when it came to long-distance running.

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