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Snowpocalypse 2015!

It's been a crazy couple of weeks, but it's good to be finally getting back to normal! Cross your fingers for no more snow!!!

Quick and Easy Feedback

Are you spending too much time writing comments on student work? You can cut down your time grading if you consider giving students voice comments. Try a sweet Google Add-on like Kaizena for giving feedback. It allows you to record your comments and attach them to student work. Want help setting it up? Just give me a shout at

Digital Annotating With Diigolet

Have you been having your kids read online? AWESOME! Research shows that people need a different set of skills for reading digital text; it's our job to prepare our students for reading in the digital age. One way to help facilitate reading online is with an online annotating tool like Diigolet. It lets students highlight, make comments, and even save everything they read online. It's super-easy to use and kids love it.
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Tozzl Boards

Tozzl is a cool public message board system unlike any other. It's a combination of Padlet, Pinterest, Google Docs and message boards, and would make a great addition to any classroom to get digital conversations started.


If you haven't been following Richard Byrne's amazing blog,, you really should be. Every day he posts excellent new tools with details about how they might be useful in your classroom. Check out his awesome article about the best Google Add-Ons.

Forgetful Students?

If you're living on planet earth, you probably have students who frequently forget things. It's okay--they're kids! But, we can help them remember by using an awesome website called Remind. It's a safe way to communicate via text message with your students and their parents! Give it a try; you'd be surprised what kind of difference you'll see when you're able to give your kids an immediate reminder!
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