Social Media & its impact

What is Media and being Media Literate?

Media is something that you are socially connected to on a daily basis and how people communicate. Most people in today’s society use media to either get information, communicate, or to post a picture.Even if we do not pay attention to the media, it still affects us anyway, especially since our society thrives on the media. Media can either be a positive thing or a negative thing depending on how a teen or Adult uses it. For example, for media to be a positive thing teens or adults will use it communicate with old friends, entertain, or to inform you on a specific topic. For media to be a negative people use it to gain weight, or to distract themselves from something important .Unfortunately since most children aren’t taught the proper on how to use media.In order to understand the media properly, you need to understand media literacy. Media Literacy is where you analyze and decode different information from the media. Media Literacy is also where you apply critical thinking to media messages and use it to create your own message.So to be media literate means that you are able to understand how media works and being able to know the meaning behind the messages in the media. Being media literate can help you achieve to be a better critical thinker and help to analyze media messages based on our own self experience. Once you are able to analyze and think about media more carefully, you will have a better understanding about Media Literacy.

No Social Media

Our assignment was to see how long we could go without using social media for a day. Surprisingly I was successfully able to go without social media for the whole day. At first I thought that I wouldn’t be able to go without it; so I decided to delete anything that was associated with social media off my phone just in case I get tempted to look. Throughout the day I honestly felt like I was missing something the whole time. Every time that I got bored I would unlock my phone and try to go on social, but then I would realize that I deleted it. It made me so frustrated that the only thing that I could do was either do my homework or do chores, because nothing good was on TV. My mom was in shock once she found out that I was able to give up social media for a day, because she thinks that I can’t live without it.Then I have my friend’s texting me why I haven’t opened their snapchat or respond back to them on social media. That morning I was so eager to re-download all my apps and explain to my friends why I didn’t respond back to them. Once I re-downloaded my apps I felt whole again, it’s like missing your sister and being reunited when she comes home. In the end I was proud of myself that I was actually capable of going without social media for a whole day.

Reflection One

When I wrote my first s’more on Media Literacy, I had always known that the use of media in our everyday lives could either hinder us or benefit us. As we continued to learn and do activities about how the use of media can impact our lives, I have realized that it can be very influential in the way of how people can use social media to persuade, intrigue, and help people to do things that they would have never thought of doing. For example, the ACL ice bucket challenge influenced people to pour ice cold bucket of water over their heads and donate towards ACL foundation. If the ACL challenge wasn’t meant to help people, then you wouldn’t have seen almost half of the world pouring ice cold water over their heads. Being in Media Literacy has helped me to learn how to do précis and annotations the right way. In my previous Language Arts class my teachers would always tell us to annotate, and I would think that it means to highlight anything I thought was important. But once I started your class you taught us that annotating isn’t just about highlighting and underlining, but it’s about making comments and underlining things that are important and aren’t just facts. This class is different from all my other Language Arts classes, because this class focuses on how the media is used to spread information about a specific topic. While the rest of the Language Arts classes’ focuses on reading and writing. I really enjoyed everything in this class, but the only thing that could make this class better is if we didn’t have to do all that extra work while reading 1984. Other than that this has been my most memorable and favorite Language Arts class that I have ever taken.

Relfection Two

Watching this video has made me realize that society is being taken over by technology. We are slowly becoming disconnected from the world and everyone around else. The only way to ensure that this doesn’t become a permanent reality, we need spend time interacting with either family or friends more, and take time out of our day to put done our phones for at least an hour a day. People are becoming more addicted to social media to the point where they can’t go ten minutes without their phone. This is not something people force or influence you to do; it is your chose if you want to spend ten hours a day looking at your phone instead enjoying the company of others or the world. In order to control your own addiction, I think you would have to make sure that your life is occupied with other things whether it is hanging out with friends or family, working, or being in school. Your life shouldn’t revolve around technology and social media. If you are going to use social media in your life, it should be used to good and positive things. Not for seeing which filter looks the best on you or stocking someone’s instagram; none of that is healthy for you, especially if you’re ignoring the people who care about you. Instead use social media to show or express how you feel, and not post it to please anyone else but yourself. You could also use social media spread information about a topic that could gain support from others. If we don’t as a society try to change the way we use technology, we are going to become slaves to it. Once we finally realize how addicted we are to technology and social media specifically, then that is when we can make a change in how we use it.