Sunday Announcements

March 20, 2016

GIN System

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PRESIDENT Jen Mandelblatt jpm367

VP Member Education Elise Czuchna emc289

VP MEMBERSHIP Maple Chen mc2225

VP Operations Grace Winant gaw85

Hey everyone!

The Appointed Officer Application is now available!!! Using the link below you can rank the top five positions you would like to apply for! Please also send me a letter of intent via email (just type it into the body of your email so I can copy and paste it onto one big document later to make my life easier)! For new members/ as a reminder to everyone please select all 5 of your top choices, but your letter of intent does not need to be about all five positions, just a few words about the position(s) you really really want! I encourage all humans (especially New Members) to apply! A Description of the jobs can be found in the gin files and the second link below is to view who currently holds the positions! If you have any questions at all please email me! Applications will be due Thursday, April 28th at Midnight!

Have a great week!

Also here is a pic of a goose with teeth on its tongue as we discussed in chapter...simply frightening...

Big image

VP CS Miranda Deane mmd264

We made ~$2,000 from our first two events (benefit concert and casino night)!

So thanks to everyone who came out and to those who helped <3

Fill out this survey for our Shamrock event! We are welcoming any ideas :)

Our next event is April 7th- Karaoke with Phi Tau! Get pumped

-miranda philanthropy deane

VP PR Imani Sanders ias32

Lunch in letters: Wednesday 11-1:15 @ Trill w Michaela, Thursday 1-2:30 @ Trill w moi

Just to put it on your radar, we'll be quarter carding and other fun promotional activities for our karaoke philanthropy event after spring break. So look out for a sign up sheet in the very near future for that.

Keep submitting pics to the KD drive for us to use on soc med!


VP Standards Jacqueline Pecaro

Hi everyone,

Thank you to those of you that have already volunteered to sober monitor crush! If you want to volunteer, please let me know! If I do not have all 8 spots filled by Sunday, April 3rd, I will pull from the sober pool.




Hi everyone!

Happy Spring!

I'm just checking the points form one last time (I have one that only I can see) before I update the form I share with you all. I will have it up by later tonight! Just a reminder, it is always two weeks behind!

Here is the points form:



P.S. Name all four founding members of Kappa Delta, and you get a point. (Yes, they must be spelled correctly.)

PANHEL DEL Erin Powder elp54

Hi everyone!


fill out this form about Derby Days even if you are indifferent! We want to know general feelings from the whole chapter so we can make a decision based on the majority of the chapter's feelings. You have until saturday to fill it out!

Greeks Give Back is going to be Saturday, April 23. I will be asking for volunteers next chapter and I will be assigning AOT group(s) based on how many volunteers we get.

External philanthropy opportunities:

AEPhi Mixology trunk show -- 3/21 2-5pm

SDT Eat Pi -- 4/8

SDT Eat All Day -- 4/28

SDT Jog for Josselyn -- 5/8

You rock never change!



Appointed Officers

Fitness- Katie Barlow

Gymming in letters this week @ Helen Newman:

Monday 7-8AM

Wednesday 7-8AM

much love & fitness,


Girl Scout Committee Head

Hi everyone!

Our next GS event is scheduled for Saturday April 23 from 1-3 pm at the KD house. WOO just one month away!! We are going to give them a "tour" of different fields of study by doing interactive activities and presentations for subjects that they may not be used to learning about like nutrition and interior design. Also yay this event is before formal so older sisters can get there GS point in time! Stay tuned for more details after spring break.

Also keep leaving your empty GS cookie boxes in the coat room!





April 8th


Level B


Over & Under Admission but at 10:40 underage will be kicked out.

At 11pm Level B will open up to the general public.

We are blanket crushing PIKE, LLENROC, and LAMBDA!!!

Seniors get two dates & everyone else gets one.

Sign Ups:

There are tabs for each grade level.

Sign yourself up and your date as soon as possible.

Try to have it done before spring break so we can send invites!!!

No nicknames! We need full names & email addresses/netIDs.

The last day to sign up dates is Wednesday April 6th at midnight.


April 30th


Hangar Theatre