A History of Bosnia and Herzegovina

10 major events that happened in BiH's history

1st century B.C - 600's

1st century B.C- Bosnia is invaded and conquered by the Romans and becomes part of the Roman Empire

600's- The people know as the Slavs settle Bosnia and Herzegovina

800's - 1878

800's- The region known as Bosnia is divided between the Serbian and Croatian kingdoms

1376-1391- Bosnia is an independent country

1463- After years of war, the Ottoman empire finally conquered most of Bosnia except for a small southern providence known as Herzegovina (this however fell by 1482) During Ottoman rule many Bosnian's convert to Islam

1878- Ottoman rule ends in Bosnia and Herzegovina, and the country becomes a colony to the Austro-Hungarian Empire before the year is over.

Past and Current Presidents of BiH

1914- 1995

1914- A Bosnian Serb nationalist kills Archduke Franz Ferdinand while he is on a Tour through the city of Sarajevo (sara-hevo). This sparks World War one.

1918- Bosnia has survived World War one and becomes part of the kingdom of the Croats, Serbs, and Slovenes (this will later be renamed Yugoslavia)

1941-1945- Germany invades Croatia, Croatia becomes Germany's ally and invades Bosnia which it will control until the end of the war

1945- Bosnia becomes part of a Tito controlled Communist Yugoslavia

1980- Communist party leader Tito dies and a Collective presidency is created with members from each region nine years later a multiparty democracy is introduced

1991- Bosnia Declares independence from Yugoslavia along with Croatia and Slovenia

1992-1995- Bosnia becomes a battleground, Civil war erupts between the Bosniaks, Bosnian Croats , and the Bosnian Serbs as the Bosnian Serbs commit 'ethnic cleansing' all over the Country. The Capital of Sarajevo is under siege by Bosnian Serb snipers and the Yugoslav's Peoples Army

1995- The Dayton Peace Accords are signed which divides the country into the Federation and the Republika of Srpska but allows for a new multi-ethnic government to be formed

About Bosnia and Herzegovina

Bosnia and Herzegovina has been around for centuries. However the country is currently facing a large amount of political, environmental, and economic protests. BiH is also losing a large amount of it's population due to these factors. If you have any questions about the current state of Bosnia and Herzegovina, you can contact the Bosnian Embassy in Washington D.C. The links can be found below. Thank you for your time and attention in the history of Bosnia and Herzegovina.