Team 13 News

Friday, December 18, 2015

Plains Native Americans

Yesterday, students began researching a Plains Native American Tribe. Each student is a member of a five-person team, that will be working on a collaborative Google Slide Show Presentation. Each student is responsible for researching one sub-topic (clothing food/water, shelter, customs, interesting facts), and creating a slide to contribute to the group's presentation. I created the Google Slide template, and these were each shared with the students in their Google Drives. Students may do research from home. Once we begin working on slides, they may also work on their slide from home; however, they may not edit other team members' slides without permission.

Students will be graded individually on their research road-map packet and their oral presentation, when the time comes for groups to present.

We will continue to work on these projects when we return from winter break.

Math Assessments

On Monday, students will be taking their Unit 5 Math Assessment: Whole Numbers and Decimals. Part of this assessment is given orally; the "Slate Assessment". Students already completed the portion of reading whole numbers aloud to the nearest millions place value; however, on Monday, they will be asked to read decimals with and without whole numbers, out to the hundredths place value. The flip booklets that they made in class on Tuesday are a perfect way to have your child practice reading these numbers aloud. Students have been asked to store these flip books in their home-folders.

Each month Mr. Roe reviews assessments from a designated grade level. December is the month Mr. Roe will review an assessment from the third grade team. Since tests will be graded prior to Mr. Roe seeing them, students will have an opportunity to see their grade, but assessments will not come home in Sign and Returns until after the winter break.


You may have heard that the students were "blogging" on Wednesday...this is true. You do not need to worry, this is a student-safe site that only Mr. Roe, Mrs. Benstead, and the other members of team 13 can view, with their own password. If you are curious to see it, ask your child to long on from the link below. Our first blog was on "reindeer names"...a light seasonal topic. However, as we move into the new year, book clubs will use this site to reflect or summarize after chapter reading, opinions will be shared, and student-friendly topics of debate will be explored. No post can be viewed until I approve it. Students can also respond to classmates' posts, but again, it will await my approval before others can view it. This is a safety precaution in place by the Kidblog Site.

Upcoming Events:

  • Unit 5 Math Test, Monday, December 21st
  • December 22nd--p.m. cocoa surprise for students
  • Spirit Day (wear PJs) December 23rd
  • Holiday Party: 1:10-2:30
  • December 23rd, School Sing-A-Long 9:30-11
  • Winter Break December 24th-January 3rd
  • School resumes Monday, January 4th
  • December Reading Calendars due-Monday, January 4th