Escuelas en España

Schools in Spain


La escuela está en España.

La capital es Madrid.

En la clase hay veinte estudiantes.

En la clase hay los mismos objetos que tenemos aquí.

Las clases en España empiezan a las ocho y media.

Las clases en España terminan a las tres en punto.

El color de la clase en España es colores diferentes.

Mi clase favorita es educación física.

La clase que no me gusta es la clase de ingles.

Estoy investigando las escuelas en España.

Las materias en la escuela son:

- las matemáticas

- Español

- Educación Física

- filosofía y ciudadanía

- La historia de España

- Ciencias

- Una idioma extranjero

Las clases en España son grande.

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Some interesting facts about Spain:

1. Spain currently speaks 5 languages. The official language is Spanish (Castilian).

2. Spain, throughout all its history has been called five different names: Iberia by Africans ('Iber' meaning river), Hesperia by the Greeks (meaning 'land of the setting sun'), then Ispania by the Carthaginians (which means 'land of the rabbits'). Later Romans latinized it and it was then called Hispania. Soon it changed to España, which essentially meant 'land of the rabbits'.

3. The Spanish national anthem has no lyrics.

4. Spanish is the second most popular language in the world.

5. The official name of Spain is the 'Kingdom of Spain'.

Inquiry Questions

1. How might the experience of going to school in another country be different from going to school in the US?

It would be different in the way that every country has a different educational program, and each institution has a different perspective on learning.

2. What would the ideal school look like in the 21st century?

The ideal school would have big classrooms but few students in them so the teacher can give better attention to each individual student. Each student would be equipped with a laptop, which would make work easier and communication with the teacher outside school easier.

3. Is it better to attend school in Spanish-speaking countries rather than in the US?

It would depend on your preferred style of learning. Technology-wise, I think the US is better equipped.