Wild Man Island

By: Ethan Root



  • Alaska
  • Kayak Trip
  • Group of Kayakers

How does it impact your characters and Conflicts

  • Where his dad died
  • Where it all takes place



  • Will
  • Will's Mom
  • Kayak Group

What are they like

  • Will- Adventurous
  • WIll's Mom- Adventurous
  • Kayak Group- Caring and Adventurous

How do they develop during the story?

  • WIll- learns how he grows up in that enviornment
  • WIll's Mom- Leans WIll to finding out the discovery

Movie Cast

Will- Cameron Boyce(he is young)

Will Moms-Penelope Cruz (she is a mom in other movies)

Kayak Group- Johnny Depp, Robert Downey Jr. Tom Hanks (they are good actors

WIld Man- Brad Pitt ( he is crazy)

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Major Internal adn External Conflicts

  • Internal- Scared of island
  • External- Never returning home and kayak group is worried

How do they effect your character's Personality?

  • WIll- is forced to face his fears, and becomes brave and daring

Point of View

Point of View- First Person

How does it effect the story- It makes you feel like your in the book


What are some moving or memorable line in your book? Why were they effective?

  • " I feel like I can feel my dad standing here." shows his character



  • Don't be afraid to face your fears
  • He had to face the wolves and wild man
  • Indiana Jones- they both face their fears


I would recommend this to a friend, because it is entertaining and keep you wanting to read it.