Keep Your Device Virus Free

How to Clean Your Chromebooks and iPads

Dear Parents,

With the increased concern over Coronavirus, we are all being more cautious about disinfecting commonly touched surfaces such as tables, desks, counters, door knobs, phones etc. If you're interested in disinfecting the surfaces of your child(ren)'s electronic devices, I've included the approved method below.

Dell recommends cleaning the Chromebooks with alcohol wipes or a 50/50 mixture of isopropyl alcohol and water. First, shut down the device and disconnect the power. Do NOT soak the cleaning cloth or allow any moisture to drip down into the keyboard or in the creases of the screen. Use a light wiping motion. You may clean the screen, keyboard, and front and back covers using this method. Visit this link to see the direct guidance from Dell.

*You may note our specific model is not listed; however, I received word from our rep that they are adding it to the list and this is the correct method for cleaning.

Apple recommends a similar process for their products. Click here to view the direct guidance from Apple.