1 Shiel Street

Newsletter #1 December 2015

Construction has started!

Construction on the 1 Shiel Street development started in early December. This is an exiting time for all involved in the project.

The builder is currently installing perimeter concrete piles and make some progress on the capping beam at the ground level. The builder will shut down on the 23rd of December for the Christmas break and will be back on the 11th of January to start excavating the basement.

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Your Pre-Approval

The pre-approval you have obtained will not be valid for the whole of the construction period. It is important that you continue to show stability in your employment and keep saving money for your home.

Things that can negatively effect your ability to obtain a bank loan:

- Losing your employment or reducing your hours at work

- Having a child

- Divorce or separation

- Large purchases (holidays, cars, personal loans, credit card debts).

Even though you have obtained your pre-approval through a certain bank, this does not mean that you are required to get your final bank loan through this lender. When close to settlement it is in your best interest to compare the market to find the best deal for you and your family.


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