Eleanor Roosevelt

by Alison Hoerer

birth , death and education.

Eleanor Roosevelt was born in New York City on October 11, 1884. Eleanor was a different kind of first lady. Before Eleanor, first ladies did not talk in public. They did not work. Eleanor chose not to sit back. She wanted to help people. In 1940 the government had provided sixteen million dollars to people in need. Eleanor was the first first lady to hold press conferences about issues of the day. President Truman asked Eleanor to be a delicate to the United Nation. At age 78 Eleanor died of cancer on November 7 1962.

One of Eleanor's biggest fear

When Eleanor was three years old she went on the Britannica with her family. The ship crashed and everyone got on a lifeboat except Eleanor. She was so scared, her dad kept saying I will catch you. She would not go , but finally she went. Eleanor was so scared it took a long time to over come that day. She was scared of boats and the water for a long time.


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