The Greendell Gosling Flyer, 8th Ed

September 23, 2020

Dear Greendell Families,

Fall has officially arrived! And while we aren't seeing many leaves changing color yet, getting our school ready for children to return makes it truly feel like fall. As we transition into returning to campus, I know there are many questions about reopening and decisions families need to make.

Our Greendell community has been diligent in their preparations - we are preparing our school while families are taking in a huge amount of information about reopening. I so appreciate all of the time and care you are putting into making your decisions on whether to return in person or continue with distance learning. I want you to know that we are here for the community and doing our very best to make it a positive experience for our students and families.

Families with children in our Learning Centers will be receiving a communication tonight from the Special Education Department on the return to school this Monday, September 28th. Our Greendell Special Education staff will be on campus this Thursday and Friday getting ready for in person learning: arranging classrooms and preparing materials. More specific details about our Greendell Learning Centers will be sent out to families tomorrow.

The plan for Young Fives is to return to in person learning on Monday, October 12th. Families will be sent a survey this week asking for their choice of either in person instruction or distance learning. Families will need to make the decision that is best for their children. I know it is not a simple decision. I have had many questions from families on which teacher they will have and whether they will stay with the same cohort and the answer is that we will not know until families complete the survey.

I look forward to seeing you in person or on Zoom very soon!

Thanks so much,

Principal Shannon

Preparing Children for Returning to School

It will be quite a change for children to go back to school after 6 months of being at home with you! We want children to feel comfortable and know what to expect before their first day. There are a few things families can do to help ease this transition:

  • Practice wearing a mask for longer periods each day - I know many of you have already been practicing wearing masks together.
  • Talk about going to school and how much fun it will be to meet new friends.
  • Discuss what drop off will look like: families walk up to the gate, stand on the footprints to wait for their turn, check that they have their mask on, use hand sanitizer, say hello to their teachers, say bye to their grown-ups, and walk through the gate to their class.
  • Play fun, spatial games that teach children about distancing: red light, green light, jumping forward and measuring how far they jumped, playing catch or kicking a ball from 6 feet away, etc.
  • Remember to be kind with yourselves - it takes us all time to adjust to such a big change!

Our Goslings and Principal Shannon Getting Ready to Return to School