Kemi Airewele

Did You Know?

Meerkats live in groups of up to 30. These are called either gangs or mobs. Only the dominant female and dominant male produce the offspring.

Meerkats are Carnivores!

Meerkats eat insects, snails, spiders, rodents, birds, lizards, and scorpions.

Meerkats Live Underground

Meerkats create underground tunnel systems for protection and shelter. Some meerkats act as lookouts to warn others in case of a predator.

Where Meerkats are found

Meerkats live in all of the Kalahari Desert (Botswana), in many parts of the Namib Desert in (Namibia), in southwestern Angola and South Africa.


Meerkats grow to be up to 12 inches long. Meanwhile their tails grow between 17 and 25 centimeters. They live for 12-14 years.

Parasite Infections

Although Meerkats are immune to poisons, they aren't immune gastrointestinal parasites which are received from foods they eat.
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