Murder Mystery Fundraiser Dinner

All Saints' Church Men's Club

12th Annual Murder Mystery Fundraising Dinner

Sunday, Nov. 24th, 4:30pm

7 Woodbridge Street

South Hadley, MA

Schedule for the Evening in Kidder Hall

  • 4:30p Social Hour & Drinks
  • 4:55p All Guests are Seated for the Show
  • 5:00p Show Preface & Appetizers
  • 6:00p Dinner Buffet, Coffee/Tea & Dessert

Ticket Price - $25.00

Beer & Wine - $3.00

Soft Drinks - $1.00


Leave a message at 413.437.0402 or send an Email to

The Comical Mystery Tour

Sandy Klawes has invited the whole family down to North Pole Cat Springs Tennessee for a Holiday Reunion. Margarite Freagan Klawes wants to get away from them and wants to move to New York. Bobby Sue Ellen just wants to get away with a man and not have to be under Margie's grasp anymore. Terry, the Stable Guy, seems happier than a pig in one of his pens, but is he really, and who is the semi mysterious Elvira Jean that has shown up at this years reunion after a long time away. It is not all party favors and pork rinds at this party. Someone is unhappy with someone and they are made to leave, permanently, or is it? After all, it is our holiday show. Come party with us and help figure out who dunnit.

The Comical Mystery Tour represents a "New Dimension" in theater. We offer hilarious murder mystery shows that are as interactive as you want them to be. If you want to be a part of it, we'll give you lines or break the fourth wall and include you in a conversation. If you'd prefer to just watch, we'll do our best to make you laugh and enjoy the evening.

About this Men's Group Event

Paul Browning was an active, beloved member of this parish for many years. He was one of the founding members of All Saints’ Men’s Group. Paul died very suddenly in 2001, at the age of 55. Habitat for Humanity was a favorite charity of Paul’s, and he had hoped and planned that All Saints’ would take on a more active role with regard to Habitat.

Habitat for Humanity is a faith-based charity that reaches out to the families of our community, providing safe and affordable housing, in the name of the God we serve.

The Men’s Group of All Saints’ Episcopal Church lovingly donates proceeds from this evening to the Springfield Chapter of Habitat for Humanity in memory of Paul Browning.

This year, a portion of the proceeds are also lovingly donated to the Springfield Rescue Mission in memory of George Schofield, another longtime member and former vestry member of this parish, who recently died.

More than $20,000 has been donated over the past twelve years as a result of this annual fundraising event.