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January 2021

ACOVA is the professional association building community, advocacy, and leadership for Arizona Career & Technical Education Administrators.

This monthly communication will help to serve CTE administrators across the state by providing timely and informative updates that will support the work you do surrounding Career & Technical Education in your district, schools, and classrooms.

If ever you have questions, don't hesitate to reach out to an ACOVA Board Member; we are here to serve YOU!

The ACOVA Board wishes you and yours a very Happy New Year; the best is yet to come!

Important Upcoming Dates...

  • GO GET 'EM, Paradise Valley Unified!! - Perkins/CTED Monitoring

CTE Data Portal to Re-open SOON- Watch for email notification!!

  • Coherent Sequence for FY20 corrections
  • Fall & Sprint Enrollment for FY20 corrections
4: Credentials Tab in CTE Data Portal is open for FY20 submissions

4: Placement Survey Tab in CTE Data Portal is open for FY20 submissions

22: ACOVA Board Meeting / Keeping you in the know in January* - optional office hours TBA*


  • GO GET 'EM, Peoria Unified & Tolleson Union!! - Perkins/CTED Monitoring

1-19: Participants/Concentrators Re-opens

3: ACOVA Board Meeting

28: Credentials Tab closes for FY20 submissions

26: ACTEAZ 2021 Awards Nominations Due; click here for more information!!

ACTEAZ/ACOVA Midwinter Conference cancelled due to COVID-19 restrictions.

(see below for information i.e. virtual conference in March- Find Your Pot of Gold!)

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Dr. John Mulcahy

2020 Spirit of ACOVA AWARDEE

The ACOVA Board was finally able to present Dr. Mulcahy with his much deserved award.

Many thanks to you, John, for all you do to support Career & Technical Education in Arizona (and beyond). Your wisdom and humor has made all the difference in the work we do. You truly define this award. Because of you, CTE will continue to work toward taking over the world!

On behalf of CTE Administrators across the state,

Dr. Mulcahy, we wish you the very best in your retirement!

Participant/Concentrator Records

The FY20 Participants/Concentrators will open for modifications via the CTE Data Portal on February 1 through February 19. CTE Data Portal Participant/Concentrator Instructions for 2020 are available to assist you.

Please contact Samuel Irvin with any questions.

Reporting FY20 Credentials

The FY20 Credentials are available via the CTE Data Portal for updates/entry and will remain so until February 28.Approved CTE Industry Credentials may be entered manually through the CTE Data Portal or uploaded via an Excel file using the template available for download on our website here:

Please contact Samuel Irvin with any questions.

SAVE THE DATE: Find Your Pot of Gold Virtual Conference

ACTEAZ is hosting the Find Your Pot of Gold Virtual Conference, March 4-5, 2021. This conference is open to Administrators, Counselors, and Teachers.

Cost for the Conference will be $220.00. Included in the cost is the option for you to enjoy all sessions for two weeks after the conference. We know you are terribly busy, and we hope this will give you time to see all the wonderful presentations that will be offered.

This is an opportunity to learn best practices regarding learning what we have experienced over the last 10 months, on educating your school boards, peers, and students’ parents on what Career and Technical Education is and how CTE has stepped up to the plate during these times.

It will also give us the opportunity to pass along those many great ideas and things we have learned that might make teaching easier on you, which will not only benefit the future of our students, but the future of Arizona and beyond.

That piece is so important with all we have learned over the last six months. Participants will also learn more about developing and sustaining the incredibly important partnerships we have with Post-Secondary Institutions and Industry.

Be sure to join us as we look at CTE as it is today, but also on how we can help you Find Your Pot of Gold during these times. We hope that you will leave this conference, energized, happy and relaxed.

Registration and additional information regarding the conference will be available soon!

2020 Graduate Placement Records

2020 Graduate Placement Surveys can now be entered in the CTE Data Portal (Placement Survey tab). The 2020 Placement Survey template and form are available to support your work.

Please note that two new placement categories have been added. In addition to postsecondary schooling, military & work, students who are in the Peace Corps or a recognized National Service Program will be counted for placement. Allowable National Service Programs include: AmeriCorps, Learn and Serve America, National Senior Service Corps, USA Freedom Corps, and Citizen Corps.

2020 Graduate Placement Surveys close on June 15!

ADE CTE Administrator Meeting Resources


Supporting documents for prior CTEA meetings are located by date on the ADE CTE Webpage

under CTE Administrator Resources / click on CTE Administrator Meeting Documents.

ACOVA Announcements

ACTEAZ Awards Applications are Available Now... 2021 Award Information

2021 Spirit of ACOVA nominations are being taken now... nomination form

2021 ACOVA Board Elections... if you are interested in running for an open seat on the ACOVA Board, send your Bio to Jayme Fitzpatrick via email at

Open Board Seats: President Elect, Treasurer, Member-at-Large (2)

If ever you have questions, don't hesitate to reach out to an ACOVA Board Member; we are here to serve YOU!



ACOVA provides CTE Directors with the skills needed to successfully lead the CTE enterprise within their school district. The professional organization is dedicated to the continued support and training of all current and aspiring CTE Directors; CTE leadership is a journey, not a destination.

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