The Art Institute of Portland

The place of imagination

What do I want to do in collage

It needs to be fun teamwork and helpful for my dream job of video works. I would like to use film and video editing or special effects person. And to use my imagination in my work or projects that I will be doing.

Programs that are offered that match my career?

#1 Special Effects

What I can learn from this class.
    • 3D design
    • 3D modeling and animation techniques
    • 3D textures
    • 3D effects
    • Maps, mattes, and masks
    • Conceptual storytelling
    • Physics
    • Motion graphics
    • Video for visual effects
    • Post-production management
    • Camera and lighting techniques
    • Editing for visual effects
    • Advanced visual effects
    • Interactive visual design
    • Production studio
    • Advanced communications

    #2 Digital Film

    What I can learn from this class.

    • Video
    • Lighting
    • Audio
    • Digital imaging
    • Conceptual storytelling
    • Editing
    • Studio production
    • Motion graphics
    • Digital cinematography
    • Producing and directing
    • Sound design
    • Physics
    • Script writing
    • Fundamentals of animation
    • Acting and directing
    • Multi-camera production
    • Advanced communications

    Types of degrees

    1. Associate's degree
    2. Bachelor's degree

    How much will going to collage be for me

    For the first two years at RCC it will coast=

    To attend for 2 years at The Art Institute of Portland it will coast=

    Both the collages will coast all together=