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McNeil Majestics Booster Club Newsletter - May 2017

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From the Director:

Majestic Families,

Happy May! This year has truly flown by. We are excited for the events to come in May that will wrap up our amazing year together. Thank you once again for all of your support to make this year such a success. We look forward to seeing you all at BBQ on the black top and Banquet! Enjoy the rest of the year, we will be back at it again soon!

With Love,

Brooke Solomon


2017-2018 Majestics Booster Club Executive Board

Officer elections took place at the April Booster club meeting. Your new officers are:

Director: Brooke Solomon

Assistant Director: Alexandra Starnes

President: Dave Schneider

Vice Presidents: Stacey Bean, Renee Mynier

Treasurer: Alex Chan

Historian: Heather Solis, David Maynard

Webmaster: Drew Walker

Corresponding Secretary: Anne Lippert, Elise Fretwell

Recording Secretary: Jacqueline Haney, Bonnie Walker

Parliamentarian: Linda Maurer

Senior Spotlight: Mina Murasugi

Birthday: 6/27/1999

Favorite memory: the yearly trips

Favorite movie: I love so many I can't pick!

Favorite book: Harry Potter Series

Favorite food: a lot

Hobbies: eating, reading, playing with sister, petting dogs

When I was little, I wanted my future car to be a limousine

If you could travel anywhere, where would you go? I want to go to the Bahamas and Finland

Three favorite things: family & friends, dolphins, Jesus!!!

Happy Birthday!


Mrs. Solomon - May 20

Krystal - May 3

Paymon - May 4

Isabella - May 5

Monika - May 5

Emily - May 16

Marielle - May 22

Aubrey - May 28


Grace L. - June 3

Kianna - June 4

Grace F. - June 13

Jack F. - June 13

Claire - June 15

Mina - June 27


Margaret - July 15

Lexa - July 17

Kristina - July 24

Upcoming Events:

May 9: Booster Club Meeting: BBQ on the Blacktop, New team payment due

May 15 - 18; May 22- 25: New Team Practice

May 18: Majestic Banquet for current team members

May 25: PDQ Spirit Night

June 1: Vet balance due

June 5 - 7: Summer Dance Clinic at Cedar Valley

June 8 - 11: Line and Social Officer Camp

July 31 - Aug. 2: Line Camp

Aug. 3 - 4: NEWKS

Aug. 7 - 11: Work Week

McNeil Majestics Board

Director: Brooke Solomon

Assistant Director: Alexandra Starnes

President: David Crow

Co- Vice Presidents: Connie Ojeda, Stacey Bean

Treasurer: Alex Chan

Co-Historians: Heather Solis, David Maynard
Co-Corresponding Secretaries: Anne Lippert and Elise Fretwell

Co-recording Secretaries: J. Lee Haney and Renee Mynier

Webmaster: Jenny Crow

Parliamentarian: David Schneider