moon phases

by john robertson

why is the moon important?

The moon plays a big roll on the earth, if it weren't for it the earth would be very unstable. The moon has a lot of history as well like the first trip out of the world was the moon, in fact it's the only place a human has been other than earth. thanks to the moon we had a place to try to make history like walking on it.

Phases of the moon!!!!

The moon has 8 different phases, the most common are full and new.As it looks like the moon is growing it's called waxing, and when it gets smaller it's waining.

What is its purpose?

The moons purpose is to light up the sky, the moons reflects off the sun and shows its purpose. The moon is like a big light bulb in the sky that lets us see it.


The first man ever to set foot on the moon was Neil Armstrong, July 20, 1969 the Apollo 11 flew the first man ever to the moon. The first american on the moon was Alan Shepard.

Russia and America

Russia and America where 2 countries involved in going to the moon, both countries have been and were taken by the first ever rocket ships like the Apollo 11. If it weren't for our technology we would have never been to the moon and wouldn't have found some of its amazing discoveries.

The moon today

Today the moon is still very important to our world. People still study it because there is still a lot to know about the moon.

A trip to the moon

July 20, 1969 there was a trip... TO THE MOON Neil Armstrong took a little trip to the moon on the Apollo 11.