Chapman Charger Staff Update


Week #26!

Good Afternoon Chapman Staff!

15 Instructional Days until M-Step Season!

Two full weeks- wow! that was exhausting! We have another one on its way. We all have done such a great job at keeping each other motivated and in positive spirits. Thank you for that! Pay close attention to the calendar below. It is another busy week!

Formal observations: Please be prepared for each piece of this. On Stages there is a form to fill out for both pre and post meetings. Those need to be completed before our meetings. Some of you still haven't scheduled. Please do so ASAP.


Click below to sign up for your formal observation. If you need a pre or a post before or after school, please email me individually.

Please make sure that your accommodation logs are up to date and accurate.

Quote of the Week:

Luck marches with those who give their very best.

-H. Jackson Brown Jr.

Kindergarten Teachers have Morning Duty this week! Dress warm and pack your smiles! We are the first people that students see at Chapman in the morning!

Monday 3/11

Rep. Camilleri @ Chapman

9:25 AM Post LM

Parent Meeting 5 PM

PTO Meeting 6 PM

Tuesday 3/12

Running Club 8 AM

Guidance Center- Lunch Bunch and Grief Group

Savings Day

Student Camp Meeting 1:30 PM

Parent Camp Meeting 6 PM

Wednesday 3/13

Book Fair

Leslie out for personal business

Thursday 3/14

Running Club @ 8:00

Book Fair

Kindergarten Field Trip

MOD Fundraiser

District SIP 4:30

Board Meeting 7 PM (Chapman Spotlight)

Friday 3/15

Book Fair

Chapman STEM Challenge

See you Monday