The Four Noble Truths and The Eight-Fold Path

The Four Noble Truths

1. Life is full of suffering

2. All suffering comes from desire

3. The key to end all suffering is to end all desires

4. The key to end all desires is to follow The Eight-Fold Path

The Eight-Fold Path

  1. Right view- Understand the 4 Noble Truths
  2. Right Intentions- Resolving to follow Buddhism
  3. Right Speech- Avoid all forms of abusive speech
  4. Right Conduct- The idea of avoiding violence, stealing, and sexual misconduct
  5. Right Livelihood- Avoid work that forces you to violate others
  6. Right Effort- Avoiding negative thoughts or emotions
  7. Right Mindfulness- Having clear awareness of your mental state
  8. Right Meditation- Use meditation to achieve enlightenment