The Crew

Work like a Captain...

First Mate

The First Mate is the first person a guest talks to when he or she enters the classroom. Whoever receives this job must be able to respectfully greet visitors at the door and welcome them into the classroom.

Paper Privateer

The Paper Privateer has a big job. He or she must be able to help pass out and collect papers at a moment's notice. It would be best for whoever receives this job to know most of his or her classmates' names so that when papers are being returned, they know who to give it to.

Movement Matey

The Movement Matey is responsible for choreographing class chants, songs, and raps. He or she must be willing to go in front of the class and teach their peers the choreography.

Captain of the Chantey

The Captain of the Chantey must be able to take math and science content and help the teacher create a rap, song, or chant for the class to learn. He or she must be willing to to go in front of the class and teach their peers the song, rap, or chant.

Deck Swabber

The Deck Swabbers will be responsible for making sure the deck (the floor) is nice and tidy before everyone leaves the classroom. As we prepare to head to our lockers, the Deck Swabber must be able look around and find any paper scraps, pencils, or trash on the ground and throw it away.

Lunch Greeter

The Lunch Mate/Matey is responsible for helping people through the lunch line. They are also responsible for making sure that all students are polite and respectful to the lunch workers. He or she must be willing to allow others to receive lunch before them for the good of the class.

Phone Answer

Messenger Matey

Captain of the Materials

There will be five Captains of the Materials. Whoever receives this job should be organized and willing to keep the bins and whiteboards organized at the end of class. This person also is responsible for coming to the teacher and getting materials for his or her group for experiments and projects.

Second Mate

The Second Mate is responsible for managing the class if the teacher happens to step out of the classroom for a short period of time. This student must be respected among his or her peers and must be able to communicate effectively with his or her peers.

Admiral of the Pearl