Living In Space

Natalee Walters

How Astronuts Live In Space

There are a lot of different things that the astronauts have to do to be able to live in space. They have to make sure they are being safe, have enough food/water, and other equipment they need.
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How Do Astronauts Keep Busy In Space?

Since they are in space for months at a time they have to have some way to keep busy. NASA supplies different things for them to do such as board games, instruments, books, magazines, movies, TV shows, etc. They are aloud to bring somethings from home like, books, laptop, iPod, phone, and music. All these things have to be checked before they are brought in space.

Daily Tasks

On the spacecraft there is a little stove to warm things up. Most of the food is dried to make cooking easier. Some main things they eat are fruit, vegetables, mac and cheese, and meats. They are given different colored boxes. With each color it represents the kind of food.

Sleeping in space is a bit different that sleeping on earth. You should know that there is no gravity in space, so if you were to sleep in a regular bed you wouldn't stay there you would just float around and run into stuff. To solve this problem NASA came up with connecting sleeping bags to the wall. For every astronaut there is a cabin. In the cabin is there sleeping bag and something they can Velcro there book, magazine, laptop, etc.

In the spacecraft you have to take special precautions when working with chemicals. Everything brought from earth are tested especially chemicals. If you were to bring a chemical that is harmful to the astronauts on the mission and they were to get sick they wouldn't be able to get medical help right way. Its very important that they bring cleaning supplies with the least amount of smell. They are in a tightly packed area for months at a time and need to keep it clean so that they all stay healthy.

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