Student Athlete Leadership Team

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About the Student Athlete Leadership Team:

The Student Athlete Leadership Team strives to improve leadership skills among our student athletes, while helping to enhance energy and enthusiasm into Towson High School Athletics.

Members will help coordinate guest speakers, spirit events, volunteer opportunities, fundraisers, and service learning opportunities. Our members will discuss various topics that impact student athletes today and will provide a forum for student athletes to voice suggestions on how to enhance the overall athletic experience for all our student athletes at Towson High School.

Although membership does not include all our student athletes, those who have been chosen to be a part of it are clear leaders who are actively engaged in the community and have proven to be excellent examples to others.


Meetings are facilitated by the board members, along with Mr. Nash, allowing for a collaborative hands-on discussion of improvements and successes within the athletic department.

Board Members (2 from each class) meet monthly to discuss agenda items for the upcoming month’s school events. Meeting dates are determined by members of the board.

The general members are required to meet quarterly to actively engage in leadership presentations, guest speakers, or teamwork activities.

General members will serve as liaisons for information to be passed to teams from the board members. General members are to take what they learned and apply them to their individual teams alongside their head coach and team captains.

General Members Criteria:

-Must maintain a 2.75 GPA

-Must play at least one sport

-Positive attitude and fresh ideas

-Willingness to volunteer and be an active member

-Represent Towson High in a positive way on and off the field

-Commitment to attend quarterly meetings.

-Encourage athletic teams to support one another


-Nominations and elections will take place during the first meeting of the new school year

-Officers will serve for one school year

-Elections will be determined by a majority vote

-In case of a tie, the athletic director will cast the deciding vote

How to Apply:

Interested members must apply through our application process. Forms can be turned in to Emma Kirts, Caroline Yancisin, or the Athletic Director Mr. Nash for access into our General Membership.