By: Sreenidhi


Mystery is a type of fiction where a detective or other people solve crime or multiple crimes. The purpose of this genre is to have a feeling of solving a puzzle or create resolution in the readers. The interest of reading mystery continues to this day because lots of television shows use mystery themes. The definition of mystery is when a person or thing does something curious.


The authors of romance novels mainly focus on relationship between the hero and heroine. Most books have an emotional and optimistic ending. Did you know that the first truly American popular romance novel was written by Kathleen Woodiwiss and the book’s name was The Flame and the Flower? Also in 2004, almost 55% of paperback novels were sold. Other than that, in Europe and Australia, romance novels appear in 90 different languages.

Auto Biography

The difference between auto biography and biography is that in biography, some one writes about you ,and in auto biography you write about yourself. The first auto biography was written in Islam in the late 11th century. it was written by Abdallah ibn Buluggin, the last Zirid king in Granandas.


Adventure books are fast paced, exciting and includes quite a bit of physical action. They are also more extraordinary from everyday life. The setting also usually takes place in exotic places. This kind of genre will keep you at the edge of your seat.


Humor books' purpose is to make you laugh by using either romance, adventure, or ironic comedy. Some books are written especially for humor ( means the whole book is full of humor.) but most books are written with only some humor but not the whole book. This kind of genre will keep a smile on your face.

Science Fiction

Science Fiction has the contents of science and technology. It can also have imaginative settings such as futuristic, time travel, and space. It also can explore the contents a real science in a fiction way. Science Fiction can also be used as a brace for other literary ideas. This kind of genre might give you a great imagination.

Realistic Fiction

Realistic fiction are imaginative stories about things that could happen in real life. These type of stories make kids have a better understanding of themselves or others. In realistic fiction, there are NO magical animals or something made up. It is just stories about something that could happen in real life.


Thriller is a genre that uses suspense, tension and excitement as it's main elements. These stories keep the audience on " The edge of their seat." It also gives a sensation of hanging of a cliff. Usually thriller books have some type of mystery in them. there is also usually an innocent victim dealing with dangerous people or things.


Memoir books are about a collection of memories that one writes about their life. These memories could be private or public in the author's life. The difference between auto biography and memoir is while biography is about a person's life, memoir is about a story FROM a person's life.

Historical Fiction

Historical fiction is the type of book that writes about an event that has at least happened 50 years ago. Also it could be about real historical figures in made up situations and what their reaction would've been.


The difference between biography and auto biography is that in biography some one writes about you. Biography is one of the oldest forms of literary expressions. Also, the author writes about how the person affects other people as a leader or as a criminal.


Fantasies are types of stories that involve magical creatures and other made up things.You will find talking animals and humans with powers to be invisible. These stories are mainly written to entertain the reader and for them to have a laugh!