Television IS Educational

By: Ryan Hodges

TV CAN be educational!

Over 95% of parents said that television was the best source of high definition programming that is educational!

Kids can travel to places they've never been before!

  • Go to the Rain Forest without being harmed!
  • Travel across America and learn about new things!
  • Parents say that their children and even them learn about new places on TV!

Children can learn about their favorite subjects!

  • Television has to offer many shows, about all the subjects you can think of!
  • Shows like, "Morgan Freeman's Through The Wormhole," teach children and adults about science.
  • There is even a math channel!

Can teach children about ads!

  • As recent studies show, most kids at a young age don't know the difference between programs and commercials!
  • Parents can use this as a way to teach their kids about ads.
  • Kids can learn a valuable lesson on how business owners use their commercials to pull customers in.

This graph shows that...

  • More people said that TV is educational than didn't.
  • Less people said TV wasn't educational.

Here is a few, "Expert," opinions!

And that's why TV is educational!