By: Laurel Bliss



Libraries, the many things that happen there are extraordinary! People learn, people enjoy, and people meet other people who love books. A library is a place to read and it will always be that way.

What a library is

A library is a place to read and read to your hearts content. It’s like a city of books and buildings upon buildings are full of books that tons of authors have written for you to enjoy. Good luck trying to choose one!!

Nice Librarians

The people in the library are librarians, they are nice, sweet, and ready to help. Just think of a book and look around for a librarians smiling face! They will tell you were the book is and if you can’t find it they will help you!

Facts and Information

There are many things to research and learn about in the library. You can use the computers or books to find out facts and information. School and public libraries are easy to access for research.

How to find the right book

Favorite Genres

Pick a genre any genre at all! Non-fiction, fiction, realistic fiction, biographies and more! There are lots of different genres just begging you to read them!!

Favorite Authors

Think, have you read any good books that you liked or would read again? Maybe you like the Harry Potter series, then you would look for the author J.K. Rowling or maybe you like the Diary of a Wimpy Kid series, then you would look for Jeff Kinney.

Books you haven’t read before

There might be some books you like more than others but is there a book you have been eyeing lately? You could be eyeing two or three books, either way read the back or the inside. It could be good it could be bad but at least you tried it!

What to do with the books you found

Read it in a comfy place

Bean bags, Fuf chairs, and fuzzy carpets are all places to sit and enjoy a good book. You can read, you can learn or you can just lay down!

Check it out

At libraries there are check outs and they basically do what is in the name, check your book out! You can go to the front desk or you can do it yourself with the electronic do-it-yourself check outs.

Fun Facts: Famous Libraries you should visit

• Central Library of Vancouver, Canada

• Library of Congress, USA

• Jose Vasconcelos Library, Mexico

• Sansovinos Library, Venice, Italy

• Library of Benedictine Monastery of Admont, Austria

• Wiblingen Monastery Library, Ulm, Germany

That’s a library for you! Maybe visit some famous libraries now! Try to count how many books are there! Like Jorge Luis Borges said " I have always imagined paradise will be a kind of library".


  • Genre: A genre is a specific type of book


A pile of books!!

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A map of a library

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Trinity College; Dublin, Ireland