The Federal Bureau of Investigation

By N. Russell

Law-Enforcement Agencies

What is the FBI?

The FBI was created within the Department of Justice in 1908. The FBI has the "world's most effective law-enforcement agencies.". The FBI is made out of law-enforcement agencies, such as the Police Force.

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What does the FBI do?

The FBI helps gather information about other foreign nations with spies. They also put major criminals and organizations in prison, and is in charge of most major manhunts. The FBI is in charge of giving out warnings if a criminal is on the run.
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John Edgar Hoover

John Hoover was the most famous director in the FBI because he changed how people think about the FBI and law-enforcement. He has been the director of the FBI for over fifty years. Few of the things he did/or became are:
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  • He created a crime laboratory for the FBI to use
  • He made people think differently about the FBI by hiring recruits that have a lot of training and are cut out for the job
  • He helped fight communist and even went as far as to write a book about communist to teach Americans more about them
  • The FBI used to be called The Bureau of Investigation(BI), but Hoover changed it to The Federal Bureau of Investigation(FBI)
  • Hoover was one of the most powerful official in the United States