MAY 1, 2016


Ms. Evans-Williams for coordinating our Spring Carnival! It was a great turn-out and lots of fun.

From Ms. Mittendorf to Ms. McPhearson, Ms. F Brown, and Ms. Jones for pitching in during Ms. Mittendorf's absence and taking great care of PK.

Ms. Fuentes-Cruz, Mr. Wyche, Ms. Oakley, Ms. Marshall, and Ms. Rios. They were awarded $1989.97 from The Fort Bend Education Foundation for their grant proposal, “Living Art in the Classroom .”

Fourth Grade Team for working together and volunteering extra time to meet student's needs in preparation of STAAR.

Mr. Arriola for setting up the computer for us each morning in the cafeteria to run during the lunch periods.

Four Magnificent Mondays!

During this time let's reflect on what we have accomplished and how we can continue to grow as professionals.

Let's work together during this time to

~making certain we are providing instruction in all content areas

~entering grades each week into gradebooks

~re-teaching failing grades

~maintaining communication with parents about student's progress (no surprises at the end for parents)

Please update your gradebooks in all content areas each week.


We have one week before STAAR. Thank you to all of our campus specialists, interventionists, and all staff who have come together for our students' academic success. It is inspiring and motivating to see how TEAM RGE comes together with a common goal to do what is in the best interests of students.

We have the computer set up in the cafeteria so that we can utilize that time for extra practice for math, science, reading. Every moment counts; let's use every second to prepare students for their assessments with bell to bell instruction.

We will be utilizing the front part of the cafeteria through the lunches as we complete the final stages of Reading/Math camps. Please touch base with your mentees this week to continue to motivate and encourage them to do their best.


As of May 2 (from DISTRICT), any student who owes $35 or more will not be allowed to charge any additional meals, and will be served a courtesy meal until the balance is paid. The courtesy meal will be cereal and milk for breakfast, and a cheese sandwich and milk for lunch.

Please be discreet with any student who may need to be served a courtesy meal. If you are not on lunch duty, let the appropriate staff member know so that they can provide support as needed. Additionally, teachers should privately confer with students who will be receiving a courtesy meal in advance so that student either has an opportunity to call parent or to be aware prior to entering the cafeteria.

We are working with all families with students who high balances. Ms. Packer has distributed notices for teachers to send home. We have called parents and had several apply for free/reduced lunches, and we have had our social worker provide support for families. Thank you for your continued professionalism and support during this time.

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Each day we want to honor and recognize all teachers with a little token of our respect and appreciation for all that you do each and every day to make Ridgegate GREAT! Thank you all for your individual and collective talents that propel us forward as a community. YOU ARE APPRECIATED!

Participating Houston-area Chick-fil-A restaurants will offer a free Chick-fil-A Chicken Sandwich from 11 a.m. to 8 p.m. Tuesday, May 3 to all educators in honor of Teacher Appreciation Day. All teachers, administrators and educators with a valid school ID will be eligible for the free entrée. This initiative is part of Chick-fil-A’s commitment to honoring local educators who spend countless hours making a positive impact on our communities.

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2-6 Teacher Appreciation Week

3 Progress Reports sent home

4 Second Grade Math District Assessment

6 Mad Science

STAAR Pep Rally at 2:00

Fun Friday 3:30-6:00

9 STAAR: 3rd and 4th Math; 5th Math (Retest)

10 STAAR: 3rd and 4th Reading; 5th Reading (Retest)

11 STAAR: 5th Science

EOY RGE Assessment: K-4

12 STAAR: Make-up day

16-20 Book Fair Week

16 3rd-5th Social Studies District Assessment

DTM Coaching (schedule TBD)

18 DTM Coaching (schedule TBD)

19 Fine Arts Program

20 Field Day

23-27 Fifth grade TLA (computer lab)

23 Report Cards due for review/printing

30 Memorial Day Holiday

31 Fifth Grade Award Ceremony

June (schedules TBD)

1 PK, Kinder, First Grade Award Day

RGE Talent Show

2 Second, Third, Fourth Grade Awards Day (schedule pending)

Report Card Day

Student's last day-Early Dismissal at 12:10

3 Staff Work Day

*EOY Check-out due to Administrators