HISD Mini-Conference 2016

Tuesday, August 16th

Keep the proposals coming!

The more proposals we have, the smaller and more interactive the sessions can be---Submit a proposal and share the great things you know! The categories we are looking for this year are:

  1. Classroom Management/Behavior
  2. Instructional Technology
  3. Content Specific Areas
  4. PLC Concepts
  5. Instructional Best Practices

Submit your proposal through the link below. Be sure to send a copy to yourself so that you will remember what you submitted! We can't wait to see everyone's great ideas!

Mini-Conference Proposal

HISD Mini-Conference 2016

Tuesday, Aug. 16th, 8am

616 Cal Young Road

Hallsville, TX

Back by popular demand! This will be our second year to come together and learn from our very own HISD experts about topics that impact learning in the classroom. We look forward to this exciting time of collaborative professional growth!
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