Welcome to Match Weekend

We can't all be doctors, but we can all be drinkers

Thank You For Coming!

To my amazing friends and family, I cannot thank you enough in advance for traveling to our nation's capital to celebrate me getting my first job! It's a big day in my medical career and I could not fathom a greater group of people to celebrate with. It's going to be a rowdy weekend so get ready, kids!

Match Day

Friday, March 20th, 12pm

3900 Reservoir Road Northwest

Washington, DC

Match Day is celebrated across America where poor medical students are given a letter telling them where they will do residency! I signed a contract back in September so no going back now! It is exciting and terrifying and truly emotional day for all of us.

Below is a tentative itinerary.

Everyone is invited to everything, just let me know when you will be arriving in town and we can coordinate transportation for you!

FYI Dress code is casual. I will be wearing jeans and a matching t-shirt as my 200 classmates



9:00am - Mimosas and mingling at the Giannini's (med school friends of mine)

3009 45th St NW

11:00am - Go to the med school to get seats for Match

12:00pm - Open Match Letter...cry/scream/hug/laugh/booze

12:15pm - Georgetown BBQ and beers at school

2:00pm - Bar crawl in Georgetown area with the recently matched med students

5:00pm/when we begin to stumble - migrate back towards my apartment. Rest up, re-group, rally!

6:00pm-ish - Dinner at Mellow Mushroom (I'm looking at you, Mr. Bohn!)

8:00pm - Open Bar at Local 16. Georgetown has a $3,000 bar tab so the earlier we get there, the more free booze we can get

2:00am - Jumbo slice (let's be serious...that's happening)


11:15 - Brunch at Founding Farmers

After brunch...the world is your oyster! Happy to bar crawl, shop, nap? Let's see how we are feeling after some Hair of the Dog