The Bad Cristal

Graduating High School

Extremely agitated I got up and took my diploma without a thank you. I was glad to leave High School in the past . I didn't even care that I had gotten poor grades on my transcript. Who cared? I was going to make the big bucks anyway by making my own restaurant.

Being lazy and callous

After graduating out of High School for months I cared less and less about my future and spent my free time watching tv instead of looking for a job to supply my intuition and business.

Getting kicked out of College

After several months of being lazy I was forced to get a job at the Habachi restaurant as a waitress due to my mothers house rules and I was also forced to go to a community college. Once there I was flunked out of college because of the so many absences in my classes.

Being a hobo

After flunking out of college and losing my job and getting kicked out of my house i was forced to live on the streets and rely on people's trash to be able to live ....... :(
Rap Raven - My Life Is Shit - The Awful